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Studio City, CA  USA
November 14, 2004
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What would you get if you took the drummer from AC/DC & the Singer from Peter Criss' CRISS and put them together with a girl that's shared the stage with Sheryl Crow, Kenny Loggins, & Joe Cocker? Answer: "ECOTONIC"! Having elements of a variety of styles of music, ECOTONIC delivers anything from a wall of sound (Lines Are Open, LIVE) to songs with a more delicate guitar & vocal (Feed the Children). Previously known as "Jason & Janea", ECOTONIC was officially born on 04-05-06. "It just seemed like a necessary progression as our sound developed" says Ebs. "It really matched the songwriting and concepts, & we didn't feel that the former name reflected who we had grown to become." With both an acoustic and an electric side, it enables them to cover many sides of musicality, from driving Rock & Roll Songs (Like Stone Pressure) to acoustic based etherial rock. They get Musical diversity by using alternate open tunings and plush vocal harmonies (The Wave); they really don't model themselves after any other artists, yet they have elements of many. It's all about the Song, Delivery, and Presentation. and musicality of the moment with a certain indifference to what's going on in pop rock music culture. And it's all about being aware... Recently featured at Music Connection Magazine's "Best Kept Secrets" Showcase at the Gig in Hollywood, they've been dubbed a 'Fleetwood Mac meets Audioslave'. Jason Ebs comes from a rock & roll background, having toured with Peter Criss (KISS) as lead singer/guitarist for "CRISS" during the 'Bad Boys of KISS' tours of 1995-1996 (a double-billing with Ace Frehley's band). "I was just a kid at the time" says Ebs. "It was my first real tour & I learned so much!" Originally from New Jersey & Philidelphia area, he's also played with Terri Nunn's BERLIN and has a solo rock & roll record released on Kinky Organ Music/MusicRocks Records called Twisted Roots". It's currently available on Itunes, Musicmatch, and www.cdbaby.com/JasonEbs. Ebs brings the ROCK. Janea Ebs comes from more of an Acoustic Folk and R&B background whose main influences were Joni Mitchell, Fleetwood Mac, and Stevie Wonder. Hailing from Santa Barbara, she's written songs and worked with producer Jay Graydon, and has toured with Kenny Loggins, Joe Cocker, Sheryl Crow, and many others. She has a hauntingly beautiful voice with the right mix of delicacy, balls, and sass. Janea brings the FOLK. World Renown drummer Chris Slade (AC/DC, The Firm) is on drums, bringing his heavy beats and pumping fills. With his vast touring and recording experience, he sets the foundation for the sound. He also brings the ROCK! Daniel Schiffer rounds out the sound on bass guitar. With his drop D feel and positive energy, he holds down the bottom and brings thumping energy. They performed their DEBUT SHOW on Saturday, March 3rd @ the San Diego Indie Music Fest III -- and overcame quite the obstacle! "It went really well" says Ebs, "but was a little stressful because I had accidentally cut the tip of my left fore-finger off 1 month prior -- I mean it was gone! 1/8-1/4" of the tip was just not there anymore! Anyway, I had to play with 2 band-aids on my left guitar finger. But the show must go on, and I'm glad it did!" As a precaution, Emmett Smith helped out with guitars for the show. Happy to report that the finger grew back and is just a little leaner than it's counterpart:) "Actually, I think it helps a little!" Ebs' contends. Hmm... Session Players Les July played bass & Scot Bihlman played drums on ELECTRIFIED and on some songs on OUT OF THE ASHES. Anxious to capture the new sound of the band, They turned on their studio and recorded 3 new songs before Jason's finger grew back; and they'll be tracking 4 more songs the last week of July 2007. Together, they combine the best of Rock & Roll, Blues, Funk, and Folk in both an Electric and Acoustic forum. It's delicately heavy, with elements of Heart meets Lenny Kravitz meets Cheryl Crow meets Audioslave meets Alice in Chains. ECOTONIC is currently in the studio recording their first 2 full length CD's targeting a Summer 2007 release. The ELECTRIC CD is entitled "ELECTRIFIED" and the ACOUSTIC CD is called "OUT OF THE ASHES". Ebs is recording & producing both CD's at his Los Angeles based studio "KINKY ORGAN MUSIC". Both records will be released under their brand new ind
Band/artist history
Janea's from Santa Barbara. Jason was born in Camden, NJ and grew up in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Les July is from Queens, NY; and Scot Bihlman was born in Gary, Indiana and grew up in Chicago and Michigan. Jason and Janea met here in Los Angeles. They recently got married and have been dubbed by the Los Angeles Music Awards as "Hollywood's Last Functioning Married Couple" being compared to Tommi Lee and Pamela Anderson but just 'a little more stable'. The formation of the recording band was a relatively effortless journey. After writing about 8 songs together, Jason & Janea recruited Les July to lay fretless Bass and drummer Scot Bihlman lay the drum tracks. "When it came time to play live, we wanted a little more" says Ebs. "Now everything has improved ten-fold, with drumming legend Chris Slade (AC/DC, The Firm, ASIA) on the Drums and Daniel Schiffer on the bass. We're really looking forward to the San Diego Gig on March 3, 2007 at the San Diego Indie Music Fest." A personal quote from ECOTONIC: "We're super excited about the sound and really happy to have you all at our shows! Thank you all so much for the ongoing support!"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live throughout the Los Angeles area, including The Roxy, The Whisky, The Viper Room, Club Lingerie (recently closed), Sunset Room, Masquer's Cabaret, The Gig, and many others. One of our special moments was hosting a night at Masquer's Cabaret with guests Frank Stallone and Les July. Janea's parents came to the show (before they were officially my inlaws) and all the people from Mark Burnett's crew were there (from Frank's involvement w/The Contender and Jason's involvement with ROCKSTAR: INXS). It was a really fun night!
Your musical influences
Jason's influences: AC/DC, Black Sabbath, OURS, Crosby Stills & Nash, KISS, Peter Frampton, STP, Aerosmith, Alice & Chains, Fleetwood Mac, and anything that's rocks and is melodic. Although into both the Acoustic & Electric Vibe, bring on the walls of electric guitars, as is the case on the new upcoming Record "ELECTRIFIED". Janea's influences: Joni Mitchell, Crosby Stills & Nash, Stevie Wonder, Kenny Loggins, David Foster.
What equipment do you use?
Jason is an endorsee of Greg Bennett Electric and Acoustic Guitars, amd also uses Ibanez, Martin, Fernandez, and Epiphone Acoustic guitars with footpedals including volume, Wawa, MXR Phase 90, MXR Stereo Chorus, Seymour/Duncan 25db boost, Danelectro Stereo Chorus, Analogue Delay. He plays through a Mesa/Boogie Studio Preamp with a Mesa/Boogie Silmul 395 switchagle stereo poweramp with a bunch of stop-boxes that hes dusted off. Other amps include a MusicMan 2x12 combo. "I've been quite fortunate to gather a collection of guitars to choose depending on the tones needed" says Jason. "I really love them all". For Recording, Jason Swears by the Groove Tubes VIPRE mic preamp and the GT-67 tube microphone. "I also use an AKG 414 on vocals, but the Groove Tubes mic has such a wonderful warmth to it that works on anything from Vocals to Cello's & Mandolins; used in conjunction with the 414, I can get really beautiful sounds." Janea also endorses Greg Bennett Acoustic and Electric guitars and Martin Acoustic Guitars. She likes a light gauge of strings and uses alot of open tunings. In the Studio, Ebs' uses ProTools and a G5, assorted outboard gear, and a variety of studio monitors. He has several mics, but current favorite is the Groove Tubes GT-67 tube mic run through the Groove Tubes VIPRE mic Preamp. "It's amazing" says Ebs. "The combination delivers such punch and warmth to the vocals, and the VIPRE serves as an amazing instrument mic-pre for both Bass and Acoustic Guitar".
Anything else?
"We're looking for a team of people to help us get on the road and break over the airwaves. We're hard working, hard playing, but not hard-headed, so let's all get to work!" Thanks for all the support, and Thanks for Listening...
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