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I'm a solo composer/writer, specialising in computer software and electronic music. As a music lover, my main passion for music is the instruments and the sound
88 songs
33.6K plays
R'n'B Pop Instrumental
Instrumental of a song meant for vocals
Mind Over Matter
Electronic Dance with emotional Piano and soaring Guitar, padded with synths and strings. A song about being more than human and doing what your mind dreams.
Pictures of Forgotten Phunk
A Remix from Symphony of the Night of Lost Paintings.
Upbeat electronica with electric guitars and hard hitting beats. Gets you dancing, gets you in your groooove.
Xenogears - The Treasure That Must be Seduced
A Remix of Xenogears 'The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen' in an orchestral love style. Soft orchestral meets rhodes and acoustic guitar.
Yo everyone, how goes it. I'm a solo composer specialising in music software. I've been writing for over 3 years now, though I've had my breaks for sure (just been off for about 6 months as of Oct 2007). When it comes to genre I try it all and inject some of my style into that. Waltz, Electronica, Jazz, Pop, Celitc, give me something to listen to and I'll nail it. Should you listen to me? I think you should hear it, if you feel it you know you want it ;D.
Band/artist history
Began music around Spring 2004, playing with Fruity Loops 3.2. Started on keyboard too. Entered College Sep 2004 to do a National Diploma in music (2 years). Finished the course in June 2006 with good grades, an overall pass. Composition was the main highlight of my grades. Have had 2 accepted remixes at www.ocremix.org (debateably should have had more, though I don't care much). Been a part of succesful musical projects, such as the DOOM remix project and Chrono Symphonic project. Currently I am writing a game soundtrack for the upcoming Chrono Crisis http://www.chrono-crisis.com/
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Unfortunately I do not play live. I'm just a semi good pianist, inspiring percussionist. I do not intend to play in the near future but I'd think about it. I've done it before and it scares me haha, but I have had good good times with it at college.
Your musical influences
Everything influences me as long as it is good, but I do love my electronica nowadays. Always got a good beat going on. Gotta have a sexy bass and a tight rhythm! Soemtimes I dip into orchestral and mix the two styles up, but sometimes it'll be something totally different.
What equipment do you use?
Sequencer - FLStudio 7 Samples - SampleTankXL2.5, internet soundfonts. Synths - VST's. Everything I write is made completely with a computer mouse unless specified by myself.
Anything else?
Cheers for having a listen, I hope to do an album and website in the near future. Hope you enjoy.
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