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Multi-genre - progressive rock, metal, ambient, soundtrack, acoustic, experimental, instrumental ususally but sometimes vocals, etc ad nauseum! No limitations..
Soularflair is progressive, multi-genre encompassing intensity. Most songs are on the heavier side but I place no limits on my compositions. There are no 3 minute radio-friendly singles here! I have written progressive rock, ambient, metal, soundtrack material (and would love to do more if anyone has any going :), acoustic guitar, experimental, and I did a full album called "Dark Matter" of an electronica style I dub "Cerebral Electronica".
Band/artist history
I (Adam Mannering) are the sole member of Soularflair. Been into music all my life, but started playing guitar at age 16. Started actually writing music at age 20. Started on 4-track, progressed to a computer recording system.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
At this stage all my owrk is as a studio musician. Some of my music could not be done live. And becuase I write and record it all, without a band, the live thing is a little difficult at this stage! :) I love to lock myself away and obsess over my music.
Your musical influences
Meshuggah (rythmically, these guys are the masters! And they have such perfectly realised musical aggression), Devin Townsend / Strapping Young Lad (this guy is psychotic...like some of my stuff), Dead Can Dance / Lisa Gerrard (not heavy, but very intense and moving nonetheless), Mike Oldfield (very creative, and USED to be prone to risk-taking musically), early Genesis (before they sucked), Pink Floyd, YES, King Crimson (progressive rock holds a special place in my heart :), Faith No More (Angel Dust) / Mike Patton, Radiohead (Kid A and later - because they had the balls to take risks), the soundtrack composers Elliot Goldenthal and Danny Elfman among others, Pachelbel, Vivaldi, Mozart
What equipment do you use?
My electronica utilizes Cubase SX, FruityLoops and a Creamware Pulsar soundcard, along with numerous plug-ins and effects.
Anything else?
Have a listen - hope you enjoy it :) Drop me a line if you feel inclined (soularflair@yahoo.com.au)
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