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Kenny Hart
Thought-provoking lyrics, expressive, finger-style guitar, and moody, yet uplifting vocals make for an unforgettable emotional experience. Kenny Hart loves to p
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Does Forever End Tonight?
Forever never ends...or does it? This was my first commercial cut by singer Tim Hadler.
Visiting Day
Poignant song about dealing with aging parents.
Prisoners Of Time
This song started out as an exercise in a lyric writing course and turned into a statement about time's inevitable effect on our lives.
Kenny Hart's thought-provoking lyrics and expressive, finger-style guitar work along with his often moody, yet uplifting vocals make for an unforgettable emotional experience that you won’t want to miss. Kenny has a firm grip on the heartstrings and he loves to pull on them. "My purpose is to soften the blows of life, to lift people's spirits with my music." This is what Kenny Hart will tell you if you ask him why he puts so much time and effort into his music with little regard for commercial success. "If just one person who hears me comes up to me with tears in his or her eyes and says, 'That was beautiful,' or, 'That is exactly how I feel!' -- that's priceless. It's why I do this." “It’s not, and never has been, about money,” Kenny says. ”When I play out, people come up to me and say, ‘Wow! What are you doing HERE?’” He smiles. “I ask them if they enjoyed my music. When they say yes, I say ‘That’s what I’m doing here.’ Forget fame and fortune, they’re fleeting, fickle friends.
Band/artist history
I have had a passion for music for as long as I remember.Though I have been writing songs since 1969, it was 1992 before I finally started to take my craft seriously. Late in that year, I made my first trip to Nashville as a songwriter and learned about the ups and downs of the music business. At first, I ran into the wrong people and I took quite a beating, but I guess I needed that. It was worth it. I got some cuts [“Does Forever End Tonight?”, "Everybody Give A Little Love”, “Lord, Don’t Lock The Door” (Peekins Music--ASCAP)] and learned more about songwriting in a year than I had in all the years before. I eventually became a staff writer with Peekins Music and worked there until 1995. I have co-written with the likes of Ricci Mareno, J.J. Shannon, Johnny Barnes, Joe Mareno, Tim Hadler, and Dan Allen Crawley. I am currently active with Songwriters at Southbrook, the Dayton/Cincinnati chapter of NSAI, and regularly participate in open mics and showcases at the Clermont Inn in Batavia, Ohio, A venue that is rapidly achieving a reputation as being "The Bluebird North."
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Most frequently at open mics and songwriter's nights in the Cincinnati area. I love to perform so I can see how my songs affect people. Every time someone comments that my music has touched them is a special moment to me.
Your musical influences
Johhny Cash, The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Neil Young, James Taylor, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Kenny Loggins, Dave Mason, Joni Mitchell, Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, The Thorns, The Jayhawks, I could go on and on. Every piece of music I've ever admired is a part of me. There are many names I could put on this list you wouldn't recognize because they are people just like me who aren't famous (yet!). Nevertheless, they had--and still have--an impact on me and my music.
Anything else?
I am also a freelance writer and publish my own blogzine, at .
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