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Combining Traditional R&B, Blues, Rock & Jazz with soulful, knock-out vocalists & great musicianship, this band grooves from the very first beat. The diverse ex
GET SHADIFIED: THE SHADES release CD Debut, DARKER SIDE OF FUN (PRWEB) August 27, 2004 -- This CD grooves from the very first beat, combining Blues, Traditional R&B, & Rock with knock-out vocalists & great musicianship. Vocalists Julius Dilligard, Jr. (Crown Heights Affair) & Nicole Hart (Billy Joel) blend their magic chemistry to take you on a sonic road trip through the "DARKER SIDE OF FUN," as well as "shadifying" classic material. Enjoy the ride! GET SHADIFIED!** (see the definition of "shadification" further below...)** After performing Riverhead Blues Festival, DARKER SIDE OF FUN sold out completely within the hour, and THE SHADES were requested to appear at Isaac Hayes' Hot Buttered Soul BBQ/Birthday Party to rave reviews (as Isaac said, THE SHADES are "SLAMMIN'!") & have just received the nomination from United Jersey Blues Network (www.ujbn.com) to represent Blues in the Garden State at the International Blues Challenge 2005 for "BEST SELF-PRODUCED CD." THE SHADES can be heard on Radio Stations throughtout the Northeast, including WDST-Hudson Valley, WFDU - Teaneck, NJ; WKZE - Sharon, CT; WCWP - Brookville, NY; WVOF- Fairfield, CT, WNTI - Hackettstown, NJ; WVKR - Poughkeepsie, NY, and are picking up new stations every week. THE SHADES can also be heard worldwide on Blues internet stations WUCF -Orlando, Florida, Smokestack Lightnin', BlueIceWater Radio, Dagwood Radio, Fresh Blend Radio, WholeWheatRadio, The BluesNet & many others. JULIUS DILLIGARD, JR. Julius can still be heard on radio as lead vocalist with the RCA recording group, "Crown Heights Affair" on the group's first single to go gold, "Dreamin' a Dream". Julius has also appeared at the Apollo Theatre with such acts as The Commodores, Stylistics, The Main Ingredient, Maxine Nightingale, & has performed w/George Duke at Westbury Music Fair. NICOLE HART Effortlessly integrating Blues, Jazz, Soul & Rock, Nicole's timeless, intoxicating voice is beautifully soul-sweet, then powerful & gritty classic, yet absolutely contemporary. She has sung back-up for Billy Joel & is featured on-camera in his "All About Soul" video from the River of Dreams CD, as well as on recordings for many other artists & television commercials. LANCE ONG Master B-3 organist, multi-keyboardist & Musical Director, his record credits include David Sanborn, an album by Andre Crouch, which won a Grammy Award, Erica Badu, The Pointer Sisters, Grand Funk Railroad Frankie Beverly and Maze, Johnny Halliday and Sylvie Vartan (French), Trini Lopez, and many others. MIKE CARBONE (Tenor Sax, Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Midi Sax, Flute, BG Vocals): Mike's heart & soul penetrates each note he plays, fusing classical training, old school Jazz, Blues & Funk to bring a visceral interpretation to the music of THE SHADES. Mike holds a Masters Degree in Music from William Paterson University. TONY PAGANO (Guitars, BG vocals): Born in Brooklyn, New York Tony began playing guitar at age 11 & was performing in clubs by age 14 using his brothers' ID. Like many other guitarists, Tony is most influenced by Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Pass & Wes Montgomery. He brings this depth of eclecticism to the Modern Electric Blues of THE SHADES. TOMMY SOCHOR - As a self-taught musician, his musical range is eclectic. He played and recorded with progressive rock group Thunder Zone, featuring bassist extraordinaire Percy Jones (of Phil Collins' jazz/rock group Brand X) and Bronx guitarist Alan Tynes. During his tenure with THE SHADES, Tommy's thundering, "bad boy" beat is the backbone of THE SHADES' sound. VONNIE HUDSON The final piece in this extraordinary configuration is the addition of this virtuosic bassist. From laying down a solid, mesmerizing groove, to his exciting soloing to the delight of our fans, Vonnies playing rounds out the rhythm section for a totally satisfying funky finesse. **"SHADIFICATION" can best be illustrated by The Blues Foundation in Memphis, Tennessee, official keeper of the Blues flame: "Modern Electric Blues is an eclectic mixture, a sub genre embracing both the old, the new and something that falls between the two...It also is a genre that pays homage to those vintage styles of playing while simultaneously recasting them in contemporary fashion. It can also be - by turns -the most forward looking of all blues styles, embracing rock beats and pyrotechnics and enlivening the form with funk rhythms and chord progressions that expand beyond the standard three that usually comprises most blues forms." These spectacular vocalists and instrumentalists bring their considerable talents together to rock your worldRhythm & Blues at its finest." Bob Kisielius, Barrelhouse Blues (December 2004)recipient, USA Todays coveted Hot Site award for blues on the web, and LivinBlues Gold Award for Virtual Excellence on the Web. http://barrelhouseblues.com New Yorks THE SHADES have a big sound steeped in Jazz, R&B, Blues and Rock with incredibly soulful vocals by Julius Dilligard, Jr. and Nicole Hartthis band really knows how to cook with a blazing musical bonfire. Music Morsels, December 2004 "Great keyboard work by Lance Ong & strong vocals from Julius Dilligard & Nicole Hart" BLUESWAX "THE SHADES really put on a great show..." Bob Putignano, WFDU-FM air personality, contributing writer Goldmine Magazine & President - New York Blues & Jazz Society "Loved the whole show-music and performance were both really entertaining!" E.B. Fisher, WFDU-FM on-air personality "...A top notch band of immense talents...something special in a world cluttered with the 'next best things'...this band IS the next best thing..." John Muller, Director Emeritus, United Jersey Blues Network "...With horns, back-up singers and multiple lead singers, the group is one hard workin', soulfunkin', blues jumpin' R&B review." Rhythm & News Magazine
Band/artist history
"Two passionate, skilled singers fronting a band of seasoned professionals." Heinekin USA Summer Concert Series - Concert review by Roger-Z, (8/21/04) Published at NothinButDaBlues.com: What perfect weather for an outdoor show -- mid 70s and overcast...Two lead vocalists front the band. Julius Dilligard, Jr., best known for his stint in the RCA recording group, The Crown Heights Affair, joined THE SHADES as a backup singer but now impressively co-commands the front line with his soulful renditions of classic R&B hits. Nicole Hart passionately provides the female perspective. Her credits include singing backup for Billy Joel and appearing on-camera in his "All About Soul" video from the River of Dreams CD. Together, these two seasoned professionals meld their diverse backgrounds to create a breathtaking show. Back to the present. The band steps on stage and immediately launches into the instrumental "Hot 'Lanta" by The Allman Brothers. Guitarist Tony Pagano and saxophonist Mikey Carbone immediately distinguish themselves with well-thought-out, dynamic solos. Out steps Dilligard to deliver an impassioned version of "Every Night of the Week." He plays the audience like a cat pawing a ball. With sweat pouring from his brow, he won't stop singing until he has looked directly into the eyes of every audience member. But nothing could prepare me for what comes next. Nicole Hart runs on stage tastefully dressed in a black miniskirt, high heels and a white Danskin top. Wow! She possesses legs that seem to go on forever, a bust that would do Victoria Secret proud, and long blonde hair. I find myself averting my eyes for fear she can read my impure thoughts. Singing "Hurt So Bad," Ms. Hart unleashes a torrent of emotion. I would never want to get that woman mad at me. On the other hand, I can only imagine that energy channelled in a positive direction. You get the picture. Two passionate, skilled singers fronting a band of seasoned professionals. It only gets better. Mr. Dilligard sings "Footprints," the current single from their 2004 album, "The Darker Side of Fun." This infectious dance song, written by band leader and keyboardist Lance Ong, gets the crowd up and moving. Ms. Hart lifts the crowd even higher with the Aretha classic, "Chain Of Fools." The set climaxes with a shockingly soulful arrangement of "Take It To The Limit" by the Eagles. This tune, also on their latest CD, morphs into a classic Teddy Pendergrass turn. The sax and guitar solos push the audience to an even higher level. Next up, James Brown's "Cold Sweat" continues the dance groove and features the hottest solo of the day. Slinging his keyboard over his shoulders like a guitar, Lance attacks it just like a guitar. His stinging vibrato drives the crowd into a frenzy. The set ends with the B.B. King favorite "Let The Good Times Roll." Propelled by the tight rhythm section of Tommy Sochor on drums and Vonnie Hudson on bass, the crowd joins in a giant sing along. If you ever crave a night out dancing to classic R&B...You might just end up as exhausted and satisfied as the band after the show. 2004 Roger-Z, NYBJS
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We travel the Northeastern areas of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Connecticut. We also have upcoming performances in other areas of the United States, and are considering European &/or Japanese tour in the future. We LOVE to perform live, & we love huge audiences, though we never compromise and always give 150% even if it's a small venue. The biggest blast so far has been Riverhead Blues Festival, which had 50,000 people across two days...!
Your musical influences
We all have diverse influences; that's what makes our collective sound so intriguing! We are influenced by everyone from Aretha Franklin, to Bernard Purdie, to Frank Sinatra, to David Ruffin, Chaka Khan, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeschi, Janis Joplin, Otis Redding, Eric Clapton, Paul Gonsalves, Buddy Guy, Miles Davis, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Anthony Jackson, on & on & on!
Anything else?
THE SHADES' CD, "Darker Side of Fun", Selected by UJBN to Compete for Award in Memphis! In 2005, for the first time ever, The Blues Foundation will add another component to celebrate up-and-coming artists by bestowing an award for the "Best Self-Produced CD" of the year. The United Jersey Blues Network is pleased to announce that it has selected THE SHADES' CD, entitled "Darker Side of Fun" in competition for this award. (PRWEB) November 10, 2004 -- The UJBN Board selection was based upon the Blues Foundations criteria for: (1) Musical Performance (2) Audio Quality of the Presentation (3) Cover Art and Design (4) Credit and Liner Information. Where the IBC, through its panel of distinguished judges, has been the measure of excellence for a band's live performance, the Best Self Produced CD award will honor artists that have achieved excellence in the studio. The purpose of this award is to assist Blues musicians in the pursuit of their professional goals. The Blues Foundation intends this award to complement the International Blues Challenge-the live music component of IBC Weekend. The Foundation believes this will further emphasize the critical role of affiliated societies in the Blues world and provide another featured award for IBC weekend. Final judging by the Blues Foundation will be in three stages. There will be two rounds of judging by radio/print people leading to the final judging. The five finalists will be announced prior to IBC weekend. Music professionals will judge the five finalists and the winner will be announced at the IBC finals. The UJBN Board wishes THE SHADES the best of luck in this competition and sincerely appreciates the efforts and submissions of all of our member bands. Our Mission The purpose of the UJBN is to preserve, promote and perpetuate indigenous American music forms, specifically the Blues, in New Jersey, through education and performance. UJBN is a not-for-profit educational organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The United Jersey Blues Network has been established to create a Brotherhood of Fans, Musicians, Club Owners, Students, Society Members and business owners who will work together to preserve and promote the Blues in the Tri-State Area, especially in New Jersey. Inform the Blues Community of any and all events and issues that pertain to the Music of the Blues and the ever-changing climate of the Blues Music Industry. Encourage the support and enthusiastic promotion of the Blues through media exposure, internet connections, society meetings, festivals, jams and other musical off-shoots. Provide the New Jersey communities in need a helping hand whenever needed by utilizing the services of the United Jersey Blues Network and its membership. Encourage the members of the United Jersey Blues Network to assist with special events, promotional activities, fundraising and out-reach programs established by the United Jersey Blues Network of New Jersey. Spread the spirit of the Blues to Schools across the State of New Jersey by developing a "Blues-in-the-Schools" program that will entertain and educate students across grade levels. To find out more about United Jersey Blues Network, please visit: http://www.ujbn.com. ******************** Darker Side of Fun CD Reviews -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Darker Side of Fun" The Shades Many years and a wide range of experience in music have culminated in this incredible debut album from The Shades. Based in the NY/NJ/CT area, their music is an eclectic blend of Rocking Blues and up-tempo R&B featuring experienced, skilled players and knock-out vocalists whose talent is evident in the tight performances and production on every track. They have received rave reviews [from] Isaac Hayes when they were requested to perform at his Birthday Bash (Isaac said they were "Slammin'!"). If that isnt enough to tempt you to give them a listen, as individuals they have performed and or recorded with: The Commodores, Stylistics, Lenny Kravitz, Harry Bellefonte, Michael Bolton, The Pointer Sisters, David Sanborn, Anne Murray, Freda Payne, Helen Reddy, Grand Funk Railroad, Trini Lopez, The Drifters, The Marvellettes, and The Platters, just to name a few. The CDs title is strange at first, there seems nothing dark here, the music Rocks, it Rolls, it Swings, it Boogies, it Shakes. We were swept along by the incredible talent of not only the two Lead Vocalists, but all the musicians. It is only in listening closely that we hear in the lyrics the pain and The Darker Side of Fun. It is as if the music wants to say, Tomorrow will come soon enough put on The Shades and crank it up. Its Slammin, its Jammin, its time to party. All the superlatives, name-dropping and classifications as Blues-Rock, R&B Band cant really describe to you the sound. For that you have to hear them. Visit the website. Buy the CD. Support an independent artist that has earned it. Dagwood Radio: 4 Stars Dagwood Radio Darker Side of Fun * * * This energized Blues/R&B band from New Jersey features lead vocalists Nicole Hart and Julius Dilligard Jr. The Shades' diverse background in music and entertainment is evident in their original compositions and authoritative sound. The vocal duo between Hart and Dilligard Jr. on If I'm Wrong brings the band's upbeat personalities to center stage. Nicole's vocal enthusiasm is reminiscent of the power I was familiar with during the Janis Joplin era of the seventies. Nicole and Julius' vocal prowess come across assured and natural. The band packs a suitcase of experience including television, studio, radio work and more. Each member, an experienced musician, forms the band's collective sound. The track, You Can't See, is one of the highlights on Darker Side of Fun. The CD also includes a bluesy arrangement of the Eagles' hit, Take it to the Limit, showcasing members of the band collectively and individually. The Shades ... high on talent and refreshingly high on life! Mark's Online Music Source -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Darker Side of Fun - The Shades Long-time fans of this extraordinary high-powered rhythm and blues band will not be disappointed in THE SHADES debut release. With the vocal dynamics of Nicole Hart and Julius Dilligard Jr. to lead them, this multi-talented band knocks out one exciting song after another. They are not content to sit idle for long, tearing into rock, blues, and R&B with plenty of passion. THE SHADES live have always brought crowds to their feet, creating some of the best party atmospheres around. Darker Side of Fun is a crowd-pleasing set of excellent tracks from one of the areas best bands. Definitely - By All means - Go Buy It! John Muller, President Emeritus, United Jersey Blues Network
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