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Electronic, straight forward, vocal, synthesizer sound, with acoustic influences, retrofuturism.With good fuckin' tunes.
L.S.ME is Roz C, based in the north of England, he uses a roland d2 groovebox and vintage synthesizers to create electronic/industrial music.
Band/artist history
L.S.ME is a musician from the town of Darlington, he writes, records and produces his own material in a small home studio. L.S.ME is mainly electronica, but with some acoustic influences and ideas. Rory used to be in a band playing drums called Anserine with fellow Longfield school chums - Adam Airey (bass), James Brown (guitar) and Stephen Palmer (vocals). The band subsequently went into liquidatation with each of the members going their own separate ways. Rory also founded the death metal/disco project Weird Coroner whilst at Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College, in 2002. He recorded a 6 track Demo at the age of 15 under the name Djiinvicta in 2000 to favourable reviews in both Sound On Sound magazine and Future Music magazine. Now thoroughly dissillusioned with the far from burgeoning local music scene, he chooses to make music by himself with full artistic control. He wishes, eventually to take his music to live venues, but is unable to do so because he needs several personnel to take on live guitars, live bass and perhaps live percussion......
Have you performed in front of an audience?
L.S.ME are unable to play live at the moment, because of the need for live instrumentation.
Your musical influences
The stranglers/air/ladytron/kraftwerk/pinkfloyd/ Rural France, The moomins, the 1960s and 70s.Retro-futurism.
What equipment do you use?
roland d2 groovebox, Crumar Stratus analog synthesizer/organ, EMU - ESI 32 sampler with 1Gb Zip drive,Quasimidi rave-o-lution 309 drum synthesizer,Novation a-station rack synth, Texas Speak and Spell Grammar machine, Tascam digital 8 track, Digitech FX, Casio cz5000 digital synthesizer,various microphones.
Anything else?
www.LSME.tk comprehensive infoseite.
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