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Henk / Jim Henkemeyer
Henk / Jim Henkemeyer
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Henk Plays solo, duo, and in groups on vibes. Some of it's kind of Latin, Classical, Jazz, Rock, blues. On drums, let 'er rip. THE BLUES ARE ALLRIGHT, most
Paradise Glen, Vibes & Drums,Scott Barrett's CD
Today #69 in Jazz Vocals subgenre
Moonlight, charted 62,Salt Creek Band,"BarnDancin"
Peak position #100
South Austin Shuffle, Lightning Red, Cycle Path CD
Peak position #75
Best I Ever Had, Rock, Salt Creek, "Gamlin' Fool"
Peak in sub-genre #17
Barn Dancin', charted 64, Salt Creek Band, CBO Rec
Peak position #4
Jim Henkemeyer, / Henk -- henkvibes@gmail.com -- 218-831-6899 Drummer, Vibes and Mallet Player, Steel Pan Drum player, Singer, Percussionist. (The songs are ordered; Jazz, Country, Blues Rock, Rock, --- Country, Blues, Rock---Several Country, - Several Blues, - Several Vibes. More on request. (some longer then allowed here) Jim has been a gigging drummer for most of his life. He loves to play Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country and Classical. He has performed for large crowds of thousands on many occasions. He is always seeking more opportunities to continue this level of performance, and play regular gigs. Jim also plays 4 mallet vibes, playing many Gary Burton, Chick Corea Duets. (vibes equipped with the K&K midi/audio pickup for other sounds.) Also the Mallet KAT midi controller, Steel Pan Drum, percussion, guitar, keys and vocals. He is comfortable in the studio and under TV cameras and has traveled the US, the UK, Mexico, Canada and China performing. Please consider for your next tour or gig. Would Like to find another steady gig. Highlights include; China Tour; 10 concerts, U of Minnesota Wind Ensemble (and percussion) The Anaheim Arena, CA, opening for The Pointer Sisters, with The Paul Todd Show, Casinos and Weston Hotels, ( see below ) Paul is a genius orchestral sounding keyboardist and Strong Singer, many shows 6 annual "We" Festivals, main stage, with the Salt Creek Band, Detroit Lakes, MN, playing for 10's of thousands, 7 years with Salt Creek, 2 charted singles from "Barn Dancin" voted top Indy Album, and "Gamblin' Fool" album. "We Fest" main stage, with Jeanie Marie Baja Blues Fest, El Pescadero, Mexico, Baja Boogie Band, with members of Salt Creek, and 2 weeks at Hotel California Lightning Red, International Blues Artist, out of Austin TX, "GrooveMaster" and "Live at CyclePath Blues Fest" CDs, Texas and US Blues Fest tours Studying With Gary Burton, Berklee School of Music UK Tour, Central Lakes College Concert Band, England and Scotland, tympani on "Star Wars", Xylophone on Copland's "Rodeo"
Band/artist history
BIO Scroll down 1/2 way to see nationally released singles and recordings " LIVE SHOWS " Baha Blues Fest, El Pescadores, Mexico, Baha Boogie Band, With members of Salt Creek. And 2 weeks at Hotel California 06-'08 Ross William Perry, Blues, MN, Iowa, '09 Lonnie Farrow and the Pharaoh Spirit Band, Blues, Blues Rock, R&B, Reggae, '05- '07 Southern Exposure, drums, southern and classic Rock, Blues, 2005-2006 Lightnig Red, international Blues artist, 6 month stint in Austin TX. and US tour www.lightningred.com and Playing Vibes w/The Blues Church, and Lisa Marrie The Big Wu, Rock, JamBand, Harvest Festival, Harmony Park, Geneva, MN. Sept. '02 Guest Appearance played Vibes. Jeff Cerniac and Friends, Jazz/Rock, Jam Band, Vibes, KAT (electrvibes) '02 Several concerts including the Greenman Festival, Superior, WS. Cedar Cultural Center (w/ Robin Anders from Boiled Lead) ***(Jeff went on to play with VinceWelnick and Friends (from The Greatfull Dead, TheTubes, ToddRungren) and with the Jerry Garcia Band ) and local gigs Chriss Frost Group, Blues, vibes, Park Rapids Blues Fest The Phantoms, Blues/Rock, Drums, Vibes,Vocals Park Rapids Blues Festival, Park Rapids, MN. July '02 (opened for James Solberg, The Keller Brothers, LamontCranston) They asked Jim back to play solo Vibes on Sunday. Music Meltdown Fest, Sept. '03 and local gigs. Salt Creek Band, Rock/Bluegrass, Blues, Drums, Vocals Strawberry Jam Tour, Midwest. July -Aug '99 Acoustically Challenged, w/ Lee Bone Sherseth, Blues, Rock, Drums, Vocals Great Lakes Area, '98 - '99 Paul Todd Show, Vegas style Concerts, Drums, Guitar, KAT midi controller (electric mallets), '92 - '94 Hotel and Casino Shows and Concerts including; The Anaheim Arena, CA, opening for The Pointer Sisters and several Weston Hotels, St Louis, Shreveport, Philly, etc. Jeff Cerniac's Hot Pork Sandwich, Jazz/Rock,Blues, Vibes, KAT, '92 -'93 Better Clubs in Twin Cities, ie. Bunkers, Cabooz, etc. The Outsiders, Jazz/Rock, Blues, Vibes, KAT, '92 w/ Best Guit, Bass, Drums Contest Winners, Brian Bart, Greg Herzinog, (no mallet category) Better clubs in the cities, ie. The Fine line, The Mirage, etc. Little Green Men, SpaceJazz,Rock, Vibes and Kat, '90 - '91 Concerts and Clubs, Walker ArtCenter Jeanie Marie, CountryRock, Drums,Vocals "WE" Festival, Detroit Lks.MN. Aug. '89 Played in front of thousands, with only slight separate rehearsal. Salt Creek Band, Southern Rock, Bluegrass, Drums, Vocals, '82 - '88, full time concert and club band, 6 annual "We" Festivals, Aug. '83 - '88, ( played for thousands ) ( opened for Charlie Danials, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Merl Haggard, Vince Gill, Loreta Lynn, George Straight, Travis Tritt, etc..) Cactus Corral, Purham, MN. Minneapolis Auditorium w/ (Jainnie Frickie) '88 Boot Hill, Gillette, Wo. w/ (Marshal Tucker) '87 Cisco's, Burnsville, MN. w/ (EarlScruggs) '86 many more NATIONALLY RELEASED SINGLES AND ALBUMNS "Moonlight" (song charted 61) 1985-Wee B. Music, ASCAP, CBO Records, Nashville Tennessee '86 "Barn Dancn' (song charted 63) CBO Records '86, both from; "Barn Dancin' LP CBO Records, Voted Best Indie Albumn, others; "Gamblin' Fool" Salt Creek Band, LP Indy "Battle Creek Breakdown" Battle Creek Boys, LP Indy More gigs; Trick Ryder, Drums, Vocals, Blues/Southern Rock, Brainerd Lakes Area, 97 - 99 Breezin' By Band, Drums, Vibes, KAT, Vocals Blues/Rock/variety Breezy Point Resort, 6 night House Gig 94 - 97 ( 8 shows a week in'96 ) Midnight Sun Band, Drums, Vocals. Rock, Blues, Midwest 82 - 83 Countless jobs, solo and with groups too numerous to list. More RECORDINGS and TV shows "Good Company" KMSP Television Show W/ Jeanie Marie, Vocals and Peter Schimke, Piano, '91 Boundary Waters Suite " CD by Marty Weitraub, Weintraub Productions, Burnsville, MN. '91 vibes, percussion & cymbals " It's Always Something Live " TV Show, '91, Musical Guest, RPM Productions, Mpls. MN. 40 minute spot, , Vibes, solo, and KAT w/sequencer, and Vibes w/Paul Hanler, piano, Interview Music of Chick Corea American Cancer Society, national TV commercial, w/Jeanie Marie, Peter Schimke, Studio 55, Mpls. MN. Drums "Out of This World " LP Little Green men, Space Jazz
Have you performed in front of an audience?
2016 and 2017 Ross William Perry Band, Rockin' Blues, Northern Lights Casino, Harpo's, Gull Dam Brewery, Jim's (in Chisholm, MN) and regional gigs. Exceptional guitarist, song writer, 5 original cd's. ( MN and Iowa tour ) Ramona Fritz Band, Northern Lights Casino, 60's and variety Rock quartet with a harp player, many years, events, clubs (played some steel pan drum ) Rockin' Hill Band, I play vibes, 9 piece Jazz, Blues and Rock Band, area benefits and gigs. cd's available. Geritol Frolics Orchestra, 12th year for a song/dance/comedy Vaudeville type 8 run annual show. Cast of some 35 singers, soloists and a dozen dancers. Franklin Arts Center, Brainerd, MN, Tickets and DVD's available. "Spamalot" Monty Python's Musical Theatre Production, 6 shows, Brainerd Community Theatre, Central Lakes College, drums, 2016 Wayne Renn Band, country, rock and fiddle tunes, Lac Vieux Desert Casino, Michigan, Fort Randall Casino, SD, week long gigs in ND, clubs and events around MN. 2014 - '16 The SheetRockers, Blues and classic Rock with exceptional guitarist Chris Cornish. Area clubs, many at the Gull Dam Brewery, EP available. 2015-16 Marshal Star Band; Country and Rock, Tour including a week in Pinetop, AZ. Hondah Casino, 2 weeks in Jackson Hole, WY, Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, events and clubs, 2015 Reloaded Band, Classic Rock, The Commander, Breezy Point, MN. and area gigs Sat in with old bandmate Jeff Cerniac's Blues Group at the Boundary Waters Blues Festival, Ely, MN Blind Luck Band, Classic Rock, Blues and variety with Chris Dobson, Gull Dam Brewery, ( played some Steel Pan Drum ) and area clubs, 2012 -'16 Central Lakes College Band, UK tour Aug, 2014, England, Scotland and France, played xylo, tymp and perc. on "Star Wars," a Copland medley with "Rodeo" and more. Aug. 2014 "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" Brainerd Community Theatre Production, Central Lakes College, 6 shows, played drums, electronic percussion, ( KAT ) and percussion, 2013 Fireline Band, country and rock, week long gigs in ND. 2014 -'15 King's Ransom, Clasic Rock, Blues quartet and, 1 1/2 years, local and corporate events and clubs. Wild Horses Band, Country, Rock and Blues, Scott Barrette Band, Blues and originals, Baltimore area, Recorded CD "35 and A Month of Days," Mt. Magico Recordings, (studio and mobile online), and extended CD release tour, w/ Members of the Salt Creek Band Henk's Mallet Project, My contemporary Jazz Vibes, Latin and Blues band, solo, duo and trio DVD available Lightning Red, rockin' and traditional Blues trio or quartet, Texas and US tours of Blues Fests, GrooveMasterr CD ; Live at Cycle Path Blues Festival CD, LR Productions, Gigs in Austin, TX. Baja Blues Fest, El Pescadores, Mexico, Baja Boogie Band, With members of Salt Creek. And 2 weeks at Hotel California, 06-'08 Whiskey Richards, classic and newer Rock, Blues and variety, quartet w/ female keyboardist, vocalist. Lonnie Farrow and The L Train, Blues, R&B, later, variety rock Kenny Jake Band, Country and Country Rock More in Band History
Your musical influences
Chick Corea, Almon Bros. Buddy Guy, Gary Burton, Zep, Purple, Little Feet
What equipment do you use?
All of it. Gretch, Slingerland, Zildjian, Paiste, Sabian, Musser, K&K
Anything else?
Education; Studied with Gary Burton, A graduate of the online Improvisation course through Berklee School of Music, Boston. 2012 included on screen interactive studies and phone calls with Gary. Studied with Ed Sainden, Berklee College of Music, in Boston, MA. 12 '08. Made possible by a grant from the Five Wings Arts Council with funds from the McKnight Foundation. Studied briefly at Moorhead State University of Minnesota, music major, 3.6 GPA. Toured China, 7 / '80, 10 concert tour. ( left to take Salt Creek job.) Inver Hills Community College, MN, GPA: 3.8 Associate of Arts, Music, 1978 Rosemount High School, MN Teaching; I taught private drum lessons in the Fargo Moorhead area for about 6 years in the 80's, first on my own, and then through United Teachers of Music, Fargo, a music school and store, with student and pro weekly jams. I was an Artist In Residence, for the West Central ECSU, Fergus Falls, MN. performance and instructional clinics in 5 area high schools, 1987 '88. Vibes, drums and percussion. Did some private teaching out of my home on Pelican Lake, and student's homes, around 1998 - 2002. Mostly guitar, bass and theory lessons, some drums. Hire me ! Let's play. Play my music. Thanks
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