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Phoenix Saga
Phoenix Saga
9 Tracks
Acoustic Rock, General Rock, Alternative General. We travel across the land unleashing an unstoppable fury of destruction while maintaining a pop sensibility.
Comic book geek gamers turned musicians who do rock music for the masses.
Band/artist history
Like any good story or D&D campaign, Phoenix Saga comes well stocked with interesting characters. From the deserts of El Paso to the Piney Woods of East Texas, its members have come from backgrounds ranging from early alternative to pop/punk to even jazz. Phoenix Saga has been together for almost 3 years now. In that time, they've been contestants in the Zippo Hot tour their first year together, been a part of the 2006 Heart of Texas Music festival that coincides with SXSW, played the Austin American Statesman Cap 10K marathon twice so far, and have placed 3rd out of 10 in the Buzz Oven (sponsored by Coca Cola) Buzz Combat Volume 1 battle of the bands, earning one of the highest scores for originality. They play and have played venues all throughout the Austin area from being regulars at The BackRoom (R.I.P.) to recently Emo's. Phoenix Saga is an official member of the Austin Indie Alliance.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Any Chance we can get. Wow.....this is what we answered almost 3 years ago when we hadn't even played our first show. This still holds true. Any oppourtunity to play for our friends and new friends is awesome. Answering personally, my favorite momentt was playing Buzz Oven. We played against some of the best bands the city has to offer and we not only held our own, but got high marks for oginality. As a songwriter, that's very pleasing.
Your musical influences
U2,Collective Soul,Pearl Jam,Finger Eleven,The Mars Volta,Dredg,Jimi Hendrix,Elvis Costello,The Clash,The Police,and Incubus for name for the who. What would be our life experiences without waxing too poetic.
Anything else?
That's a Ferret....
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