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Heavy, melodic, with powerful lyrics.
Welcome and thanks for stopping by to support Fallacy. Fallacy is a heavy, but melodic (nu-metal) style band. They're roots come from very different backgrounds, the South , Seattle, and the San Fransisco (bay area) have teamed up with a four man line up, who live for the stage. They have been featured in Revolver magazine (Mar 05) issue, Metal Maniacs (April 05)issue, and have also won the battle of the bands for Seattle. They have two members who are in the Army and currently deployed but will return in a matter of a few months. They are anxious to get out and start recording the next album , and start touring up and down the west coast. These musicians even faced by the divisions of war have kept in touch by any means possible. They have been sending each other copies of new songs , and Steve the guitarist even took a boss cd recorder with him along with a guitar to keep writing riffs for the new album. In April Steve came back on leave, immediatley upon arriving the guys had a show lined up, with a guest singer from Rumors of War. They rehearsed a few times and were ready for action. Fallacy currently has three months until they are back in full assault mode, and they are coming for you!
Band/artist history
The band was formed by SGT Keven Blackwell and Spc Steve Quesenberry while stationed together in Ft. Lewis ,Wa. Was just having beers and jamming out, but with the help of Ron Cook and Kenny Wheeler, went to a full blown violent act on stage.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Hell yeah we do. We live for live shows. Our recent and upcoming shows are mostly in Tacoma and seattle, with a few in Olympia. If we aren't sweating , puking, or bleeding after a show we did'nt do our job!!!
Your musical influences
Soil, Sevendust, Deftones, Metallica, Nothingface, Pantera, Disturbed, adn Machine Head.
What equipment do you use?
Vocals:Shure 58 and Audiovox mics. Guitar:ESP, Schecter guitars and Marshall amps. Bass:Ibanez guitars and Hartke amps. Drums: Tama and Pearl drums; Zildjian and Sabian cymbals. Pro Mark and Vic Firth sticks.
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