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(Feeble) Blush
(Feeble) Blush
8 Tracks
feeble indie band unmendable lack of drummer pineapple slices overactive imaginations great aspirations great dislike of and inability to use higher techno
BLUSH are Lisa - Dani - Irina - Steffi (Steffi, aka Steven, aka Stiffy, aka Pippilottastephania [uhm, i just made that up] joined us before Christmas. She is now our second lead guitarist and has already contributed loads to our little project. All hail the Steeeevermögen) KEYWORDS: feeble indie band much mourned lack of drummer pineapple slices overactive imaginations great aspirations great dislike of and inability to use higher technology guitar bass and melodica inventive quote pop immeasurable hunger for intelligent madness fun and sex a deviant dress code legislated nostalgia the world's best list of influences seven years on sea cider is apple puke suffused with genuine fandom the fruit code an antisocial approach to gigging much to hope for mutual love for music daisychains not cool but cool quite unique
Band/artist history
got born got wise and knew we had to be a band.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
l: hahaha... d: we don't play live. we don't have a drummer. and we're only a budding concept with a few songs finished. not quite ready yet.
Your musical influences
what we like to quote/copyshake (definitive influence): blur, moldy peaches, pulp, elastica, libertines, the coral ... plus, a list of stuff we like to listen to (subconscious influence): adam green, alanis morissette, badly drawn boy, beck, belle & sebastian, ben kweller, björk, bloc party, blur, coldplay, elastica, francoise hardy, franz ferdinand, garbage, gorillaz, graham coxon, kelis, manic street preachers, marianne faithfull, mission of burma, nelly furtado, nick drake, pavement, phantom planet, pj harvey, placebo, pulp, radiohead, simon & garfunkel, sophie ellis bextor, stereolab, suburbia, suede, supergrass, the beatles, the bees, the clash, the dandy warhols, the divine comedy, the flaming lips, the hives, the jam, the libertines, the moldy peaches, the sex pistols, the smashing pumpkins, the smiths, the stone roses, the strokes, the velvet underground, the vines, the white stripes, the who, the zutons, tori amos, travis, weezer, and getting more by the day ...
What equipment do you use?
erm guitars (i'm gettin a telly when i can afford it. then a kaye.), bass, amps, melodica, our voices, keyboard, makeshift percussion, and one day maybe a drum kit ...
Anything else?
sic transit gloria. nous sommes des pirates. freiheit macht arbeit. we wanna be adored.
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