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we are a french swedish dark doom metal act.
We play mournfull dark doom metal. Ningizzia is a French/Swedish project band. If you like Opeth, Katatonia or depressive and melancolic music ....
Band/artist history
The story so far ... It all started in the autumn of 1997. The main founders St├ęphane and Niclas found that they had a lot of musical ideas in common. They showed both great interest into the dark and doom metal scene, they were a lot into Opeth, My dying bride, Anathema, Septic Flesh etc.. The problem was that Niclas was living in Sweden and St├ęphane in France. But their frustration made them ignore the geographical distance and they decided to try and see what could be acheived by working over the Internet using personal computers. It could be considered as 2 studio solo projects united into one. They managed to transfer the sound datas thanks to technology with great ease. During this process they got totally spellbound and decided to form a band called "Ningizzia" after the ancient mesopotamian divinity guardian of the gates of heaven in the underworld. The contrast of this ancient god was interesting, but the main reason this name was chosen was that it sounded original and that they were both fascinated by ancient myths and wisdoms. By the end of May the same year the demo entitled "The Dark Path" was finished. The demo gained far better critics than they had ever dreamt of and a week or so after it's release, labels showed interest. As of today, the demo still remains a cult haunting dark/doom metal act. During the autumn of 1998 they started working on the material for a split CD which was to consist of four songs where three were from the demo. In the spring of 1999 they extended the material with yet another instrumental song: "Everything Dies". On this song Jenny Frohagen appeared as vocalist for the first time. She was one of three guest-musicans they intended to use for the new material where the other two were Micce Andersson on violin and Sandra Sundelin on flute. Sometime in april 1999 Dragonflight Recs. offered the band to contribute to a compilation-CD. The band accepted the deal and during three weeks of april 1999 they wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered a new song: "Beneath the Silent Moon" to be featured on it, which revealed some of the katatonia influences of the band. Even though the production turned out to be pretty horrible they were very satisfied with the song and aparently the reviews were very positive. A few months after, the demo started to show signs of interest again, as a result, Impaler of Trendies released the old demo on tape during the autumn of 1999. Sometime in the late summer of 2000 they decided to record the new material no matter if it was to be released or not. The stuff was recorded and mixed and mastered between august 2000 and may 2001. During this time material was written for the last song, "Emptiness". A new flute-player was found also in Anna Ekbladh. The style of the band could be compared as haunting melancolic dark doom metal with female chants , flute and violin. Ningizzia is mainly a studio band but might perform some gigs in a near future in Sweden and France. Ningizzia will also be recording the 2nd CD soon in Sweden. And there ends the story so far...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We do not play live yet
Your musical influences
Dark Doom thy be!!
Anything else?
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