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somewhat of a hero
somewhat of a hero
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emo , acoustic , punk , indie , screamo whatever band compared to alkaline trio , amongst others...
somewhat of a hero is from the philadelphia area and has drawn comparrisons to bands such as alkaline trio , weezer , the get up kids , brandston , sunny day real estate , as well as many others.......
Band/artist history
we formed in 2000 split up went our seperate ways we re-formed in pittsburgh in 2002 split up went our seperate ways now it's just me.....
Have you performed in front of an audience?
currently we have no live shows planned.....but yes we do like to play live....??
Your musical influences
i am influenced by everyone from the cars and the cure, to texas is the reason , braid , the get up kids , weezer , elliot smith , plus way too many influences and to many great bands that have influenced me in some way ....
What equipment do you use?
i previously used a beat up pawn shop 20 dollar guitar so some songs are recorded with that , my girlfriend just bought me a great acoustic guitar for christmas so now i use that and a radio shack mic and laptop