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Final Elite
Final Elite
1 Track
Don't forget to sign up at www.linkinparkforums.com The site which has helped Final Elite establish a fan base.
Demo Mix (mainly instrumental)
Peak in sub-genre #28
Band/artist history
Final elite started as a group of 4 friends just playing music by bands like Linkin Park. Liam took a step forward for the band and started writing originals when they came across two new band members. One of these band members would go on to write lyrics with Liam and Ryan (Daniel), while the other would work on drum beats with Dwight (Geoff). Liam, Ryan and Leah would all work on guitar together and Liam would create the samples. Soon the band had 15 originals under there belt and numerous covers to break into the local music scene. Final Elite now hope to go on and make it big in Australia with catchy tunes such as "Paranioa" and "My Era". Please send emails to Final Elite with feedback suggestons or Gig offers, we would love to hear from you.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, not at present time. but we would love to! If you would like us to perform at your venue, please contact us at final_elite@hotmail.com
Your musical influences
Linkin Park, The Living End, The Offspring, Metallica, Green Day.
What equipment do you use?
Liam uses Ibanez guitars and Peavey amplifiers Ryan uses Monterey guitars and Drive amplifiers Leah uses Yamaha basses and Washburn amplifiers Dwight and Geoff use Pearl Kits and zildigan cymbals Daniel and Ryan use Shure microphones and Crate amplification equipment.
Anything else?
We are currently looking for Record Deal! E-mail us if you like what you hear.