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Cross-cultural Rap top 40 format. International vibe with both street and commercial appeal. Every song different. Real life lyrics over a range of music sty
Cross-culture-rap from the streets to the airwaves--real life lyrics with variable music styles-- International
Band/artist history
Stevano U-G-O "Out with the old, and in with the U-G-O!" (verse 1:"Bran-nu-flo") Around the same time Nas was giving birth to "illmatic".... just before Biggie announced he was ready to die, another very unique M.C. was developing his own international rap styles. Nearly a decade later, following the recent brutal murder of his brother,Amara 'Lo' Alo...Stevano UGO has finally arrived. UGO is a Los Angeles based recording artist with roots in Washington D.C, Detroit, New York, London, and Nigeria. Though raised uptown in D.C.s old Nigerian Embassy, U-G-O's father had escape Africa during life threatening political turmoil in his native homeland. U-G-Os exposure to rap & dance music was as a break dancing youth of the inner city. He has since grown to share stages with many major artists, performing in several U-S and international cities. A few years ago, U-G-O moved to Los Angeles to study film and further his music career. He co-produced and directed his own video promo with Cee Knowledge of the Grammy award winning rap band, Digable Planets. "Straight from the Heart" faired well onBet's 'Rap City', and features cameos from Actor Marlon Wayans, singer Bobby Brown, and rapper Method Man of Wu-tang Clan. Recently, U-G-O has been found in London recording dance tracks with U.K producers Sacred-8, K-Gee, and Y-tribe. His signature single,"Bran-Nu-Flo", is currently in rotation on Nigerian radio stations, reaching an audience of over 50 million listeners. Some of UGO's influences include KRS-1, Moby, & Fela Kuti. With Rap, pop, 2-step electronic concepts, original flows and millions of music fans thirsting for "what's next", Stevano U-G-O will fulfill his roll in the global expansion of world-beat, dance, and hip-hop. "I grew up listening to both American and African music and wanted to create songs that would be appreciated by all. It's not who you are or where you're from, it's about believin' in yourself as you connect with others. Music is universal".
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah--LA,DC,UK,Canada,Nigeria, where ever!
Your musical influences
KRSONE,Fela Kuti,Moby,Bono
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
Music is the universal laguage