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Made Man Records
Made Man Records
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Baby Chopper,Crazy Pimp PT Boyz Paris,Texas
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Crazy Pimp   Baby Chopper   /collab
Big Man-Pimp In The Game
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Block Burnaz
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Baby Gangstaz
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What It Do its Ya Boy Chopper And Im The CEO Of Made Man Records Update: Me and Crazy Pimp are working on the new PT Boyz album "Ride Out Vol 3"this shit gon be crazy,we recording in 2 different studios.my studio 2710 Studios and his studio Made Man Records/Pymp Tyte Productions Albums: BabyChopper-Str8 Thuggin Baby Chopper Presents DONT PLEX WIT TEXAS COMPILATION Baby Chopper-Voted Most Thowed Baby Chopper-Ambitionz Az A Balla Baby Chopper-Parental Advisory:100% Crunk Crazy Pimp-Menace 2 Society PT Boyz-Ride Out Vol 1 PT Boyz-Ride Out Vol 2 PT Boyz-Ride Out Vol 3 Baby Chopper-Animosity We got some new nigga wit us Lil Kurt,he wreck too,he will be on the Vol 3 cd. we are gettin new rappers pretty soon
Band/artist history
It was just Baby Chopper(Thats me)at first,i just started out with tapes,cuz i didnt have any equipment,i freestyled to loops on cds,and other ppls beats,i really didnt have anyone to freestyle wit so i was by my god damn self,till i hooked up wit my nigga Drace.me and him we started rapping,and i hooked up wit Crazy Pimp,i really didnt take the nigga serious.me,drace,and crazy pimp,we didnt record music together when i first started,like on tapes,it elevated with me and crazy,i got a computer,hooked up wit him through instant messenger,and we started rapping on the computers,and we been doing the shit since 2001,Made Man Records came in during my 8th grade year,i got more aqainted with drace's ppl at school and they had mic skills too,so we started doing trax on our computers and shit,but we wasnt selling,i dont think we got too involved in this rapping game until like off in the school year,i dropped my solo Representin PT,i didnt sell it,its not available any more but some of the trax are on this page,we dropped our second Made Man Record's Album "PT Boyz-Ride Out Vol 1"it was just me,crazy pimp,lil sam,and lil neal,it didnt sell, Made Man Records stayed strong in 2002,we got a lil serious,in my 9th grade year at the beginning,we dropped our second Made Man Record Album which is Crazy Pimp's Menace 2 Society,it just featured me,his cousin Twerp,and Lil Sam.in 2003 we still stayed strong,i dropped my second solo album "Str8 Thuggin"it featured,Crazy Pimp,Lil Tymers,$argeant B.everyone tried to get it for free,but it really wasnt shit cuz some of the songs was in poor quality. couple months after,we dropped our 4th MMR Album "PT Boyz-Ride Out Vol 2"its still underground,no one heard it yet,couple months later,i dropped my third solo "Voted Most Thowed" it featured,Crazy Pimp,Lil Nea,K-Roc,Drace,$argeant B,Lil J,Big J,Koopa. we still growing strong im currently in this clique wit my boy Koopa,Tha 3rd Platoon,T3P Records its Me,Koopa,Blaze,Lil Ro,Don D. we are working on $tuntin $ea$on.i gotta give props to Koopa if it wasnt for him,niggaz wouldnt be listening to my shit.Thanks Koop. now,me and crazy pimp had a fall out,and i booted him off the label,basically cuz he talked shit to me all the time and tried to charge me up in public,and when it was time to get to the studio,he was out fuckin wit these ugly ass little girls(R Kelly Junior,lol,j/p u my nigga tho).but we talked it over and he is gonna do better,me and him is gonna get a job this summer, and get some studio equipment,and maybe we copyright our shit.im currently working on my 6th album "Made Man"its 4sho gonna feature my 3rd Platoon mate Koopa,my boi Brandon aka Blaze,and some mo i cant name at the moment, i currently dropped my 5th cd "Animosity"its a available if u wanna by it.Yeah forgot to say my 6th cd Made Man is my last cd ill ever drop until i feel like droppin another one,just gon take a lil break fo a while,ill be back tho
Your musical influences
Swisha House,Paul Wall and Chamillionaire,Lil Flip,Stoney Crook Family any rapper in Texas
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio,Cool Edit Pro,Internet Audio Mix,Sony Microphone,Home Made Pop Filter,u will hear our new shit we used it for pretty soon
Anything else?
If U A Hata Suck My Dick If U A Participata Make The Hataz Suck Ya Dick
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