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Incognito Lounge
Incognito Lounge
2 Tracks
Indie noisepop with some listerner friendly tendencies, in style of Earlimart, the thermals, Pavement
Our band is simple indie noisepop. The lyrics are usually of the poetic style known as found text, or stream-of-consciousness. We make noise, but in a fun way. More later.
Band/artist history
We formed in the summer of 2004. At first it was Halley Pearson on drums, Emmett Green on guitar/bass/whatever, and Morgan Davis on vocals/guitar/bass. Emmett left after a bit and Halley and I continued as a duo, mostly just recording. We play as a duo as well but are always looking for others willing to help. We have an album completed that we recorded on our own in my loft. We recorded, mixed, produced, wrote, and designed the album all on our own, and sell it at our shows and around island.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, usually on Vashon Island, where we live. I like it usually, though it can be hectic at times, since I'm usually planning the show as well. We'd like to play other places, because Vashon tends to be of a certain, immobile mindset.
Your musical influences
Sonic Youth, Pavement, The Pixies, Les Savy Fav, Built to Spill, Velvet Underground, Buzzcocks, Talking Heads, Public Image Ltd, Ex-Models, French Kicks, Television, Elastica, Fugazi, Modest Mouse, 764-HERO, Tree People, Pretty Girls Make Graves, the thermals, Earlimart, Radiohead
What equipment do you use?
Fender Stage Lead 100 Amp, Hamer Artist guitar, Vox 35w amp, Univox Bass, Mapex drums, Zildijan Cymbals, Fender Musicmaster guitar, Shure SM57 mic, Sony Tape-Op Mic, Acoustic 140 Bass Head