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Quezon City, Philippines
October 17, 2004
474,617 plays
Hale resides in a small-but-fertile corner of the musical landscape. This land is populated by men and women who spent most of their youth in the rock scene, but who have recently discovered the simple beauty of a haunting melody and a few honest words. The music emanates a very sad undertone which the band describes as melodrama. The lyrical content of their songs are insightful, sad, angry, and earnest; producing music with substance and that explores the full range of human emotions.
Band/artist history
The band is composed of Champ Lui-Pio(lead vocals, guitars), Roll Martinez(guitars, vocals), Sheldon Gellada(bass, vocals) and Omnie Saroca(drums and percussion).All of them are based in the southern area of metro manila(Las Piñas, Alabang and Parañaque).
Your musical influences
Their musical influences include a diverse eclectic group of musicians ranging from Dave Matthews, John Mayer, and Kurt Cobain for Champ; Muse, Dave Grohl, Soundgarden, James Iha for Omnie; Sean Malone, P-Nut, Dirk Lance, Jaco Pastorius, John Myung, Bud Gough, Victor Wooten, Buddy Zabala, Aston Barret, and Stefan Lessard for Sheldon; Damien Rice, Switchfoot, Nina Gordon, Vertical Horizon, Shades Apart, Feeder, Travis, Nine Days, Chris Carraba, and The Corrs for Roll.
What equipment do you use?
Hale exclusively abuses Fender Guitars and Cables, Ibanez Guitars, Ovation Acoustic Guitars, Yamaha Bass Guitars, Vox amps, Digitech, Boss Pedals, Korg tuners, Tech 21 Sansamp, Neutrik Cables, Planet Waves Straps & Cables, GHS, D'Addario Guitar & Bass Strings, Gator Cases, Tama Pedals, Zildjian Cymbals, Pearl, Nokia, Toyota, and Tic Tac.
Anything else?
The bands goal is to reach out to the listening crowd and make them understand the value of the bands musical sincerity. And sincerity is where Hale excels: Champs heart-on-sleeve vocals and the groups songwriting exude feeling and melody, much to the delight of melancholy teens in search of a like-minded voice. Its still a long way for Hale, but its obvious why so many people will take them to heart.
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