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Insight Out
Insight Out
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The style that the band writes music can't be really determined by one distinct genre since all five members of the band have completely different tastes. Mainl
Fire At Will
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Sacrafice Yourself
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It all began with a blast. The band, formerly called GL.A-Z was playing for almost six years in Montreal, until the moment, when personal and social points of view and opinions of the bands former front man Stav and the rest of the gang went a bit too far apart. It became impossible to continue this amazing journey together. GL.A-Z has lost a number of extremely talented musicians during these six years because of the weird reasons, mostly of a personal natureNevertheless, the band has disintegrated as such, leaving four of the remaining musicians sitting together in an empty studio. To them, it was unthinkable to let go of what each of them was cherishing so much, and they have decided to continue with what was left of GL.A-Z. Fortunately, they were able to find their previously lost keyboardist, without whom, this story would have never existed anyway. Thats how in mid-September of 2003 Insight Out was born. Consisting of the band members, who knew each other for years already, with an exception of the new guitarist, who has joined GL.A-Z a couple of months before the band fell apart, Insight Out was ready to plug themselves into the remains of the studio equipment, and give it a shot. Owing to their experience of playing together, the band didnt need to spend time on getting tight and adjusting themselves to each other. The work began almost right away, as soon as they chose their new musical direction, and agreed upon the bands main ideas. At the beginning it was quite hard to switch from the Russian Rock sung in Russian style to something new (in English), that even today, the band cant classify as a certain type of music. Experimenting was always one of the most important elements in music writing for all of the band members since the GL.A-Z days, but this time, they have decided to clarify their goals by introducing new elements into their pieces, but yet trying to follow a certain style, that they have selected after months of research. All of the Insight Out members have a different musical background. Some are inspired by contemporary rock music, jazz, techno, atmospheric/psychedelic movements for others the list goes on up to the most brutal and merciless heavy metal. It was quite an amazing experience to throw all that into some kind of a melting pot and witness the birth of something new and original. The combination of different movements and manners has enabled the musicians to compose songs that appeal to almost everyone. Heavy power cord riffs dissolve into moody and gentle melody with quiet, deep vocals that suddenly morph into something completely unexpected, supported by jazzy piano progressions, which in their turn interlace with heavy, ear blasting rhythm guitars. Lyrics are being composed according to what the bands Quest is all about. The themes are a profound study of personal inner conflicts and dilemmas, fears and cravings. Sometimes a lyric mood invades certain band members, and they come up with a representation of a different world, where dreams prevail, and a word baby is used..Wellthe metal heads would still be happy because here the power chords become deafening, and the drum set explodes. Plus, the band is working very hard in order to replace the word baby with motherf*ker.
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Bio The majority of Insight Out members has arrived to Canada from different parts of the former Soviet Union, and by Providence, has found each other in this huge frightening and crazy city that is Montreal. Together they spent a few years playing Russian Rock for a relatively small audience, Things started to change with the arrival of the first non-Russian permanent band member Marc Provost, Un Quebecois Pure-Laine. Always with a happy smile. Everybody wonders where he buys his stuff Marc has integrated himself very well into the band, especially after having found a common language with the bassist, Denis The Monk, which has created a solid rhythm section base for the band. Keyboards are mastered by the one, who is able to do the unthinkable. He plays a totally different style of music along with stuff that just shouldnt have it there, but yet, manages to make it sound amazing exactly, where it isnt supposed to be. This man is a walking controversy and genius, and his name is Denis Nomer II. The bands two guitars (Nick Kononov and Vlad Tomshine) are like two beautiful swans dancing in the midnight lakenoit sounds more like a brutal, wild and crazy string intercourse. They just supplement each other, sometimes making a bit too much noise in the studio, but all for good. Isnt it true, that pain is the price for beauty? Vlad has joined the band a couple of months before it became what it is today, and has played a major role in the choice of direction, that Insight Out took. He is a killer on the stage, and a killer on the..road.. Nick is the one, who took the biggest responsibility to hold the band together, by giving it a new hope. An amazing guitarist that he is, Nick has revealed himself as a pretty talented singer with a lot of potential. He never spits on the microphone!
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