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Gravelwhip Rock Band plays original music plus Variety Blues & Rock n Roll 17 years of Rocking Central Texas stages! Get Your Whippin' with The Gravelwhip B
May I Please
GRAVELWHIP is Sending Your Senses On A Magical Dream! Coming at you with Rock & Roll with 20 yrs of original Rock from Central Texas & Austin "Get Your Whippin' " with The Gravelwhip Band!
Band/artist history
Started in Nov. 1997 Gravelwhip Joining the Band in 2007 is Brad Mock on Bass and in 2008 Ronnie Green on Drums. Now we have guitarist Paul Hiaumet in 2009 and we're pumping the originals out in 2010. Gravelwhip Rockin' Live On Texas Stages since 1998 Recording and Performing in Austin TX since 2003 Still rocking,!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Hosted By:Gravelwhip When: Saturday, 9 24 16 9:00 PM Where:Little River Dragstrip Academy TX 78702 Gravelwhip To Perform at the 2 day Expo so come get your whippin' with John & The Gravelwhip Band after you've checked out the Hottest Bikes and Cars in Texas Gravelwhip show starts at 6pm on January 24th. Keep the 24th of January open for a great Car/Bike show at the Killeen Special Events Center It's the Central Texas Motorsports Show with Swap meet and all the Trimmings Call to set up a booth for your show Car or Bike. Great family fun in the Heart of Central Texas. For directions to the two day event go to one of the two links below. This an exciting event!!!!! http://www. texasscooter. com/ Check this site for shows gravelwhip will be playing for Texas Scooter Times and come to the event in January in killeen listed on their site. It's going to be great. Come Get Your Whippin' with John & The Gravelwhip band John L. Friesner see site below for the upcoming two day Killeen Event Staring Gravelwhip Saturday evening. Performance Begins AT 6:30 pm on January 24th http://www. texasscooter. com/files/Download/updated INVALID MOTORSPORTS INVALID EXPO INVALID . pdf Also for The Stepping Stair and Leave Me Lonely Award at The Barclay Music Festival. Now let us rock for you!!! Come GET YOUR WHIP Posted By: Gravelwhip
Your musical influences
Jimmy Page Robert Plant Ted Nugent ZZTOP 3rd Day Glenn Hughes Big Head Todd Santana Jimmy Hendrix Eric Clapton "Mom" Eddy Van Halen Mel Bay and all my local rockin' bud's Slickfist and Crash Landing
What equipment do you use?
Soundtech-Line 6-Fender-Gibson-Crate-Beringer-Marshall-Tama-Peavey-Jackson-LoneStarMusic Waco & Rayhennings Heart of Texas Temple/Austin fender custom guitar with lace sensor pickups w Hand wired amp from Kendrick amps from amp camp that I built myself it rocks no doubt
Anything else?
Purchase our New Gravelwhip CD "Freedom for the People" 2010 with 7 great Songs Recorded at the Hutton Lane Soundz Studios by Brad Mock in Cedar Park/Austin Tx. Just send # of copies @ $9.99 per copy with Check or money order to "The Gravelwhip Band" PO Box 118 Heidenheimer Tx. 76533 Allow 1 week for mail delivery.
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