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Gary Nattrass
Gary Nattrass
10 Tracks
I am a one man Band and Production machine who writes and plays as much of everything I can
Me at 23 example
Peak in sub-genre #9
Me at 21 example
Peak in sub-genre #11
Living in a Dream
Peak in sub-genre #21
Falling Apart at the Seams
Peak in sub-genre #14
Are you Feeling Blue
Peak in sub-genre #20
Gary Nattrass is a singer songwriter from the north of England. His new album is called Home at Last and is a musical journey back to the place where he was born. Gary plays all instruments on the album and has written all of the songs. It was recorded between April 2003 to 2004 at The Buttery recording studios and is released on JGN Music Xmas 2004. The album was tracked with a Fostex D160+Allen and Heath GS3 and then mixed and mastered on Pro Tools Digidesign 002 with Lexicon and Great British Spring Reverbs. The guitars used were PRS CU24, CU22 Artist and Taylor 714 brazillian. Amps were a Mesa DC5, Session 15/30 Valve and a Little Rock Valve combo. Drums by Sonor and Bass by Washburn. The flute was played by Jane Dancer.
Band/artist history
Ive been playing guitar since 1973 and was in a punk band in the 70's called The Coils. I have always been involved in music mainly as a sound engineer on The Tube in the 80s and have always written my own music and recorded in for 25 years. Home at Last is my latest album and plots my life since the death of my mother and is the journey that I went through to get back to where I was born.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Live gigs will follow
Your musical influences
Dave Gilmour, james Taylor, Steely Dan
What equipment do you use?
Digidesign 002 Pro Tools 6.1, Fostex D160, Allen and Heath GS3, Lexicon Reverb, Great British Spring Reverb, Tannoy Jupiter 2 monitors.
Anything else?
I play everything including the real drums and there was no midi used
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