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london, United Kingdom
October 14, 2004
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Corneilius here, no hype. I sing to inspire you to action positive empowered change in your lives, for the lives of all our children, and their children to come, for a sustainable future. I love my voice, I love my guitar and I love you!
Band/artist history
Gosh! Been a singer since 1975 ..... never ventured towards commercial activity, yet I have always performed .....Ireland, Brittany, Wales, England, Australia, have hosted my career to greater or lessor degerees, never enough to save up for a holiday ..... must be because I love it! A wide experience is the best bedrock for a musician, and that's what I have given myself - I have performed, in many strange places, as a dj, engineer, producer, musician, facillitator - an artist from the underground, expressing what I can of my perceptions and observations of life in these strange days. Funk, rock, trance, beats, hiphop, jungle, kwaali, sean nos, orchestral - i love it all, especially that music which seeks to express and liberate the soul, the deepest, widest love of life.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I live in London, UK and perform there and wherever I am invited. See my gigs page at my website for more details.
Your musical influences
My inner sense of joy, a deep desire for inner accuracy and and external congruence. Ani Di Franco, Damien Dempsey, Sinead O'Connor, Martha Tilston, Gill-Scott Heron, Bob Marley, Fela Kuti and many others besides have inspired me.
What equipment do you use?
Pentium PC with T-racks, an SM58, Cooledit Pro and a fine pair of Genelecs! I can do absolutely everything with these tools.
Anything else?
We hold the safety of all our children, and thus the future of humanity, in our hands, and by our actions we can either leave them in good shape or not. So get outa that 4x4, and walk or dance!
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london, United Kingdom
October 14, 2004
1,167 plays