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Bill Boutin
Bill Boutin
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Alternative Country, soft rock, progressive rock, country, Christian country
I'm a former electronics technician who has been writing songs since the mid sixties. I have also been and advocate for people with disabilities, and much of my music came from that experience. I have been recording and producing original music on four track systems since the mid '80's and have recently gone to digital audio and MIDI recordings on computer. I have produced a "public access" music television show in 1986 and was a guest on a similar show in Cincinnati more recently. I have also produced and recorded original music; wrote and performed skits as part of the Second Step Players, a volunteer theatre troupe comprised of people with disabilities between 1988 and 1990
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Right now my focus is on music composition, orchestration and recording. I'm currently producing an album of what I like to call "acoustic/orchestral/electronic outer space folk music." I would like to find others to collaborate with, especially vocalists, lyricists and guitar players, and I'd be willing to share ownership of material with collaborators. I am also available to do arrangements/orchestrations and productions for other artists.
Your musical influences
Moody Blues, #1 Pink Floyd Emerson Lake and Palmer Crosby, Stills & Nash Simon and Garfunkle Don Henley and the Eagles etc.. I'm also into folk and I've been told I sound like Bob Dylan
What equipment do you use?
A really, really fast computer, recording software with almost unlimited track capability, acoustic guitar, electronic keyboards and eight empty beer bottles tuned to G Major.
Anything else?
I'm glad that people are enjoying my work, I would love to hear/read from them more! Please leave a message onn the board, I usually check several times a day. Being disabled myself, it gives me something to look forward to. Especially if you like the material, even if you don't I welcome constructive criticism. Peace, Bill
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