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Soul Dust
Soul Dust
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Classic and grunge influenced hard rock mixed with a little blues, southern rock and psychedelia.
Greetings, Welcome to "SOUL DUST". SD are a four piece rock band with diverse mucical influences and backgrounds. They have the common belief that music should be played from the depths of your soul and that sticking to any one style is depriving you of a wealth af musical knowledge, experience and enjoyment. They are of the opinion that music is therapy for the soul. As a band, they like to blend different genres and are heavily influenced by the 70's and 90's music eras. They are without a doubt guitar rock... blending rock, blues,grunge, jazz, psychedelic and southern styles to create music that projects who they are as a band. The main driving force is the dual attack on your senses from guitarist Andre (Dre) Bourget's raw, intense riffs and singer Myk Shaflik's passionate, firey and emotional vocal performances that light up every track and pull you into the song's lyrics. Hilton Hartwell and Ron Twemlow are a powerhouse rythym section that drive the music with authority and grace. The dynamics and massive energy they deliver will assail you and leave you wanting to jump out of your seat. We love what we do and it shows. Please sample our tunes found here on soundclick and let us know what you think on our message board! The versions od songs found here on "Soundclick" are not the final mixed and mastered versions reserved for our upcoming CD. They are pre-production examples. They are, however, of great demo quality! We welcome you and appreciate your input and support!
Band/artist history
The band has been in existance for about 8 years now. The band consists of guitarist Andre "Dre" Bourget, Vocalist Myk Shaflik, Bassist Hilton Hartwell and Ron Twemlow on drums and percussion. The songs on this site are our gift of music to you..."Music for the soul!"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Coming soon...
Your musical influences
Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Alice in Chains, S.T.P., Audioslave, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, the Allman Bro.s, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Chick Corea, Miles Davis, Robert Johnson, Muddy waters, Deep Purple, G n R, Stevie Ray Vauhan, Crosby Stills Nash & Young.... aaahh! There's so many! Much too many to start listing. Let's just say ...Just about anything that GROOVES and is well done, regardless of genre, will influence us.
What equipment do you use?
Hilton - uses Ernie ball (Musicman), G&L and Fender basses, Eden amplification. Dre - uses Gibson, Fender, Godin, Larrivee and Taylor guitars. He uses Soldano, VVT and Wizard amps. Myk will sing through just about anything and make it sound good! Ron uses Ayotte drums on the recordings.
Anything else?
Whatever happened to bands like Led Zeppelin that used to explore all types of musical genres? Why do bands today seem to gravitate towards "formulas" and status quos? Because of $$$$, that's why. Because formulas are perfect for this fast-paced, ever-changing world of ours where no one has much time to relax. Formulas are quickly digested and they taste good. They also often have no nutritional value for the soul or the mind. They are designed to sell quickly and make $$$$. Lots of $$$$! Comparable to the fast-food industry in many ways, when you stop to look at it for what it is. It's time to let the many musical influences of this world back into modern rock music. Time to enrich our minds and expand our horizons. Time to brush off the dust that's collected and put the soul back into the music. 'Nuff said. Peace.
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