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This music is about the plight of our society in recent history.
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Stop the C.R.A.P.
Politically edged HipHop Rock with a funky groove. Hit #1 on the Rock and Punk Charts.
Shattering Chains
Hard-driving political song with punk riffs and two solos. Hit # 1 on the Rock Charts three times; #1 on Punk seven times.
Revolution's Revelation
Lyrical attack through vocal effects, hard riffs and a wild solo. Hit #1 on Alternative Metal & #1 on Punk Rock Charts.
This music is about the plight of our society in recent history.
Band/artist history
I started writing these songs in November of 2002 when Republicans won seats in Congress to strengthen Bush's plan which paved the road to war on Iraq. Smash Politricks was released on October 9, 2004. "Stop the C.R.A.P." peaked at number #9 on the SoundClick.com Rock General charts on Election Day 2004. After the election, and the devastating results of Bush staying in power, the record actually became more popular. "Shattering Chains" hit #1 on the Rock and Punk Charts on Dec. 30 & 31 as 2004 came to a close, and for over a week during Bush's inauguration. In fact, on January 20 2005, the song was #1 while "Revolution's Revelation" also hit #1 on Alternative Metal Charts. All of the songs from Smash Politricks continue to get regular play on SoundClick.
Your musical influences
The study of society is reflected in my lyrics. Musical Influences: Hard Rock, Raw Punk, Old School Metal & Conscious Hip Hop, Roots Reggae and experimental, innovative artists - in the vein of Rage Against the Machine, Jane's Addiction, Public Enemy, Fugazi, Rollins, Michael Franti, The Clash, Beastie Boys, Chili Peppers, Run-DMC, AC/DC, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Roots, Led Zepplin, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Canibus, Bob Marley & Peter Tosh.
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