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Pdawg NJ
Pdawg NJ
Pdawg is 24 year old emcee/songwriter/producer from the Garden state. From an early age, the young emcee has been captivated by the hip hop culture. With his love for the culture that once was and his creativity, he is able to apply his talent for creating a unique sound that is refreshing to all audiences. An artist that some say is out of his mind, Pdawg feels it is his duty to constantly experiment and push the boundaries with his music to keep listeners on the edge of their seats. Being in an age where cash rules everything around him, Pdawg draws inspiration from many different walks of life. An artist truly gone mad inside his mind has drawn influences from areas ranging from Slick Rick to Descartes. Knowledge is power; the ability to constantly explore realms from hip hop music is what matters. Things from Orson Welles or to whatever peaks my interest allows me to keep coming up with new ideas for songs. From that, he has been able to stand out in a market that seems to produce rappers from the same mold. At age 12, Pdawg picked up the pen for what he thought was a hobby but eventually would turn out to be calling and a career. "I use music as an escape from reality, I spend a lot of my days trapped in these web of never ending thoughts so I thought why not write some of this stuff down and see where I can take it. It was not until after networking with a collection of emcees in the New England area that he had decided to pursue a dream in the music world. After starting a New Jersey based group with his best friend, Pdawg eventually decided to also explore the possibilities of a solo career. Many moons had passed and fortnights turned into years, and a definitive sound and direction was a result. He wrote song after song releasing a CD on a yearly basis. Over those years I found what I loved to do and most importantly I found myself". Back in suburbia in the heart of New Jersey working a 9-5, Pdawg is plotting his next venture and continuing spinning his web of thoughts. Spending his whole life doubted by others, Pdawg is once again set to prove them wrong.
Tell me about your history? How did you get where you are now?
Been rapping for damn near 8 years now.
Have you performed live in front of an audience? Any special memories?
If the opportunity arises I'm down
Your musical influences
Pdawg, Pdizzle, Pdeezy those cats are ill.
What equipment do you use?
My mind, Pen, Mic and illness.
Anything else?
Check the page and download the songs and let me know what you think.