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Dave Costello
Dave Costello
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Do A New Work
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I Take Refuge
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You Will Answer
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Wings of the Wind
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How Can It Be?
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DAVE COSTELLO (GFORCE) Greetings: I am currently a songwriter/keyboardist living in the upstate New York area. I have been playing keyboards for many years and have had the honor of working with many excellent songwriters and musicians. On this site you will be able to listen to selections from several of those projects, including several tracks from my newest endeavor with vocalist Rachel Bode. I have taught several songwriting classes at Elim Gospel Church in Lima NY and Honeoye Falls-Lima high school. I have also collaborated with Bill Cummings, the Worship Director for The Believer's Chapel in Cicero, NY on One Heart Yearning. RECENTLY: I have had the privilege of writing the music for a called Send Me. The lyrics, written by Patsy Shepherd. I have also collaborated with Australian born Lyricist/Songwriter, Lisa Butler and her company IMAGINOTION SONGS. (To hear some of Lisa's songs and to find out more about her and IMAGINOTION SONGS you can visit her website at http://www.imaginotionsongs.com. Together, we have co-written a song called How Do I Let Love In. I am currently working on some instrumental music... OTHER TIDBITS: IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN CHORD CHARTS FOR ANY OF THE SONGS ON MY SITE you can email me at dcostello1531@frontier.com ALL SONGS ON MY SIGHT ARE SONG DEMOS AND ARE AVAILABLE FOR ARTIST CONSIDERATION I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO THANK ALL THOSE WHO HAVE TAKEN THE TIME TO USE THEIR VOCAL ABILITIES AND TALENTS IN THE MAKING OF MY SONG DEMOS!! BLESSINGS ON YOU ALL.... IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PURCHASING A GFORCE CD ($10.00) you can email me at dcostello1531@frontier.com Enjoy Dave Costello
Band/artist history
Been playing music a LONG time for a lot of different folks - in a lot of different places.. Great fun!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Although I am not longer an active member of GFORCE I still play on a pretty regular basis, mostly as a member of a worship team. I still continue to write songs and record keyboard tracks for other musician's projects.. Recently had the opportunity to record some keyboard tracks for a new artist named Shelli Stiverson.
Your musical influences
I never limited myself to specific influences although I like some of the classic sounds of Steely Dan, Kansas, Billy Joel. I have no problem with today's sounds either. Love Relient K, Switchfoot. Big into movie soundtracks... I'm an 80's guy!
Anything else?
I would encourage people to take time to listen to my songs and give me their honest opinions. It really helps as an artist to get feedback. I would love to hear from those of you overseas... Always willing to co-write!!
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