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Rahel Jaskow
Rahel Jaskow has recorded songs for the Jewish Sabbath Day in a unique way: one voice acting as an a-
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Yom Shabbat Kodesh Hu
"Yom Shabbat Kodesh Hu" is a traditional song for the Jewish Sabbath day.
Le-Hai Olamim
A song of praise to God from the Jewish liturgy
Lullaby in C
"Lullaby in C" is part love song and part prayer.
Rahel Jaskow's CD, "Day of Rest," consists mostly of songs for the Jewish Sabbath. Expertly recorded and mixed by fellow CD Baby artist Ray Scudero of Argaman Studios in Israel, Rahel's disc pioneers a new genre in Jewish music. Rahel has recorded nearly every song in multiple voices, without musical accompaniment, to give the effect of a small a-cappella choir. Rahel's clear, bell-like voice and harmonious vocal arrangements guide the listener to a quiet, tranquil place and make the spirit soar. Although the songs are mostly in Hebrew (except "Lullaby in C," which is sung both in English and in Rahel's Hebrew translation), their message is clear to speakers of any language: to take time to rest and refresh ourselves.
Band/artist history
Rahel Jaskow was born in New York State and studied music from an early age. As a child, she studied acting in the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre’s youth division and learned her first Sabbath songs at Cejwin Camps in Port Jervis, NY. She loved to create harmonies for the various tunes used in the prayer services, and used the eight weeks of the camping season to learn all the songs she could. These melodies, with the harmonies Rahel created for them, provided the inspiration for her disc, Day of Rest, which was recorded and mixed by singer-songwriter Ray Scudero, owner and chief recording engineer of Israel’s Argaman Studios. Day of Rest was released in November 2000 and subsequently won the 2001 Just Plain Folks music award for best ethnic music CD. In January 2002, Rahel’s website was chosen as the Jewish Music WebCenter’s featured site of the month. After studying English literature at the University of Rochester (and keeping up with her music at the same time), Rahel moved to Jerusalem, Israel. She serves as a prayer leader for the women’s prayer groups Shirat Sara and Women of the Wall, and also participates regularly in the Leader Minyan as a Torah reader. Rahel especially enjoys assisting at bat mitzva services, and is dedicated to helping Jewish women find their voices within the tradition. Rahel uses her voice in many venues including healing treatments, music, and the spoken word. Her film narration credits include The Power of Hearing: The Story of Dr. Daniel Ling and I Am Joseph Your Brother (Tal-El Productions), a documentary about relations between Israel and the Vatican. Rahel’s publishing credits include articles in Horizons magazine and the anthology More of Our Lives (Targum Press). Two of her stories appear in Small Miracles for the Jewish Heart in the Small Miracles series, edited by Yitta Halberstam Mandelbaum and published by Adams Publishing. Her writing also appears in Women of the Wall: Claiming Sacred Ground at Judaism’s Holy Site, edited by Rivka Haut and Phyllis Chesler (Jewish Lights). Rahel appears as a guest vocalist on the following CDs: Hanna Yaffe’s Lullabies from Jerusalem, Shuly Nathan’s Open Roads and Mostly Carlebach, and Ray Scudero’s With the Help of Angels, all available at CD Baby.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Sometimes I perform locally, and sometimes I sing with Israeli folk singer Shuly Nathan, for whom the song "Jerusalem of Gold" was written.
Your musical influences
Vocalists such as Shuly Nathan, Esther Ofarim, Hani Livne.
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