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Progressive Electronic, epic pop and New Age. Jeffrey Mettling is the creative energy and driving force behind the music. 12 time award winning recording arti
elu, pronounced (ae-loo) is the creation of Jeffrey Mettling. Born in Ada, Minnesota in 1965, he has studied music most of his life and is the creative energy and driving force behind Elu's music including writing, arranging, performing, engineering and producing.
Band/artist history
JEFFREY METTLING - Composer/Producer/Musician-Vocalist Jeff was born in Ada, Minnesota. He began playing violin at the age of 8 and changed to guitar at the age of 10 and formed his first band at the age of 16. He has a passion for music that continues today. He studied music throughout his teenage years and recieved numerous awards for his musical abilities. He later studied keyboards, bass and drums and has become an accomplished musician. In 1994 he received his first local award for "Best Musical Production" as recognized by the New Mexico Music Industry Association, "NMMIA". For the next eight years he would earn 5 more awards and over 15 nominations for his music. His debut release entitled "LOVE" under the band name "ELU" reached the top 40 on MP3.com and the top 10 on "IUMA". He was also featured as a top 20 artist on the radio show "Dreams of a New Age" 88.1 FM, WMBR in Boston, MA and "Deep Space", Stargate radio program in Italy. The "LOVE" release received rave reviews from Listen.com, Visions Magazine and Kuelle Magazine. All releases are available at his web site "www.mp3.com/elu". Since the creation of Elu, pseudo New Age-Electronica-Pop music, Jeff has had the freedom to create music that is sensual, soothing and touches the soul.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
A live performance is always possible. Tentative plans are being set starting July of 2007.
Your musical influences
Jeff gets his musical inspiration from groups such as Duran Duran, Enigma, and Deep Forest.
What equipment do you use?
I use a DAW based system, Sonar 5 Producer Edition and lots and lots of soft synths. I also use many guitars electric and acoustic.
Anything else?
Jeff has been in the top 40 at IUMA.COM, MP3.COM, and in the top 20 Playlist at WMBR Radio, 88.1 FM in Cambridge, MA for the "Dreams of a New Age" show and the top 20 in Italy for Jan and Feb of 2003. Elu's music is also premiered in "Visions Magazine" and "Kuelle Magazine". Elu is seeking a new label for distribution of the new album.
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