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Mc Skitzo
Skitzo - Real life, South East London MC, Urban Assault, Frontline, 5'8 white boy...
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MC's don't dance no more
Stay On Track (Mixtape Clip)
Your My Valantine
Dedicated To A Special Girl....
Hardest Word
Easy Now
Skitzo & Efix - Crying Underwater
Born 10th February 1988, life started in the streets of Peckham, East London. Life then took an eventful turn, and continued to expand in the outskirts of South East London. Skitzo's love for music started at an early age of about 6 or 7, where music was compulsory in his household, and, his own !-- gradually started to become clearer at about 12 years of age. "I was inspired when listening to an MC called Spanish Fly on a pirate radio station at about 13, I started to mimic his lyrics and create my own lyrics, and own !-- from what I had heard". Self confidence was not a large factor when school life was involved for Skitzo, most of his time he us to spend, writing songs and beats and trying to keep himself to himself. Things started to erupt around the school about his new found talent, and people he had never met before started asking him to started rapping on the spot. His confidence started to increase as so did his status. From then he progressed to pirate radio stations and started putting together a crew called “Urban Assault”, with his best Friend Spock. Sadly only a few people had the dedication to pursue the music business, and even those people gradually started to fall out leaving one standing.. One young man, One pad and pen, One Microphone. Full Name: Dan Artist Name: Skitzo Age: 18 Experience: 5 years My influences: Another Mc by the name of “Spanish Fly” on pirate Radio My !--: Garage, Hip Hop Previous work: Radio, Clubs.. Future Projects: Cant Be Matched Mixtape.
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Keep Locked - remember the face
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