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Honky Rap, dropped over various instrumentals, with minimal production. Lyrics are well written, poorly recorded, and delivered to you the way that music ought
Marcynic is the 2nd stage evolutionary step for a central cali emcee who is continuously trying to upgrade the skills. With politically driven lyrics sprinkled with hypothetical battle punch-lines, you can laugh your way through all of the tracks, as you ask yourself, 'what makes this guy think he's nice?' Then when the answer becomes apparent, you can go make a sandwich, with real sand. Bitch.
Band/artist history
Well in the late nineties, after becoming frustrated with the ever-increasing suckiness of alternative-rock music, i was opened up to a wider variety of music, including hip-hop.. After hearing artists speak their minds over beats, i was completely enthralled by the idea of rapping. Prior to my introduction to underground Hip-Hop, I always had a negative opinion of rap, but in hindsight, it was because i was basing my opinions on the BS that Mtv plays constantly, and not the good shit that rarely gets any TV time...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
All the time... it beats playing dead, don't you think?
Your musical influences
Rhyming Lyricists who cover subject matter beyond all that is mainstream and corporate, beyond the lies of the 4th Reich, and beyond the cold dead grasp of the Recording Industry Association of America. Inspirations include Sage Francis, Slim Shady, Slug, Pep Love, Chali 2na, Immortal Technique, and Pharoahe Monch...
What equipment do you use?
Numark CD-X, Numark SM-3 Mixer, Sound Forge 5.0 & Acid 3.0
Anything else?
This artist is not to be taken seriously until further notice... maybe someday i will ask for your sincere attention, but until then, mock me, and laugh at my pitiful attemps at MC'ing... Mwuhahahahahaha!
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