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Anita Sy'Mone
Anita Sy'Mone
12 Tracks
Anita Sy'Mone is a Soulful songtress, she can electrifiy the crowd with hot tracks like Hold on and No you can't. And then you can chill to mello grooves like O
To begin I would like to introduce myself. I am a young God fearing Christian and have been singing for God all of my life but actually accepted this call whole-heartedly approximately 3 years ago. I was ordained in April of 2001, and have traveled this path that God has placed me on with joy, excitement and with an eagerness to tell of the goodness of Jesus and all that hes done for me. As a voice of agreement for those that also know, and as a messenger for those that dont know, what the Lord can do for them. Within the past year God has begin to broaden my ministry and take me to places to be openly used as vocal but spiritual instrument (which I willingly accept) to go and reach the masses through songs, testimonies and words from above that he has placed on my heart.
Band/artist history
Along my Path, the path that God has set before me, he allowed for my path to cross with Lamarr Dillingham (Marz). Who has been a blessing for me as well as aiding in the Production of my first gospel CD. Which was released on June 19th 2004.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I can if a band is provided other wise I sing to tracks. I sing where God has open doors for me.
Your musical influences
Donnie McClurkin, Yalonda Adams, and CeCe Winans
Anything else?
I attend the Rock of Deliverance, Gods Holy Temple Church since I was saved at the age of 13, under the Pastorialship of Emma P. Davis. The Rock of Deliverance Church was founded by the Late Richard T. Davis and his wife Assistant Pastor Emma Davis. With teachings of the Apostle Doctrine; the belief in the birth, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Also believing in the baptism of the Holy Ghost, according to Matthew 28:19 and Acts 2:38 and unyielding faith in God and that With God all things are possible.
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