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Melissa Marquais
Melissa Marquais
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Melissa Marquais new album "Coffee In Connecticut," is a treasure of timeless songs written by her very own late Grandfather and Composer, Ernest G. Schweikert
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Melissa Marquais new album "Coffee In Connecticut" is a treasure of timeless songs written by her very own late Grandfather and Composer, Ernest G. Schweikert and his Co-Writer and Lyricist, Frank Reardon.
Band/artist history
Shortly after relocating to Nashville to further pursue her career in music Melissa learned of the trials and triumphs of her late Grandfather, Ernest G. Schweikert. Her Grandfather, a songwriter for Billie Holliday, Sammy Davis Jr., Dinah Shore, Carmen McCrae, The Four Aces, Perry Como and many other amazing Artists of his time as well as a friend of the legendary Burt Bacharach and Hal David. Schweikert died when Melissa was only four, though his history became a source of guidance that has shaped her and her career to this day. When Schweikert and his Co-Writer, Frank Reardon didn't receive any of the royalties owed them, Schweikert took all of the musical compositions he had ever written and threw them away. He never spoke of it again. Melissa made a promise to her Grandmother that she would find her Grandfathers lost compositions. The next day, her Grandmother passed away completely unexpected and Melissa's career took a turn that she never could have seen coming. She started on a journey that would change her life forever. She went on to find hundreds of songs her Grandfather had written but she didn't stop there. Determined to right the wrongs that had been done to Ernest and Frank, Melissa went to battle against the Publishing companies of record that had emotionally and financially devastated the duo so many years before. She won over 300 cases and rescinded the rights to all of their work which she now publishes. "Coffee In Connecticut" is a collection of some of the beautiful songs her Grandfather and Frank wrote together. Persistence and drive are a huge part of making it in the music business, as are holding on to ones dreams and maintaining a healthy sense of reality. Melissa say's she has already "made it" because of the love she has been able to share with her Grandfather.
Anything else?
All material copyright of Melissa Marquais Music, ASCAP Music by Ernest G. Schweikert. Lyrics by Frank Reardon. Melissa Marquais (Vocals) Shane Keister (Producer/Arranger/Piano) Jim Horn (Sax) David Hungate (Bass & Archtop Guitar) Eric Darken (Percussion) Reggie Young (Guitar) Sam Levine (Clarinet & Soprano Sax) Paul Leim (Drums) George Tidwell (Trumpet & Flugal) Steve Wariner (Classical Guitar) Jonathan Crone (Guitar) Steve Bishir (Recording Engineer & Mixer) Mastered by Vlado Meller
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