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Bradley Neal
Bradley Neal
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Band/artist history
I have played off and on for 20+ years both in bands and just with friends. I am currently and always will be learning when it comes to playing music and song writing. I did get away from playing and writing music for several years and am gradually getting back into it. I was primarily self taught with the help of good friends that played music that allowed me to sit in on their "jam sessions", where I learned a great deal.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have in the past. Not so much any more. Occassionally at gatherings with friends and at various churches. I have always liked and enjoyed performing for people. Time constraints have limited my ability to do so the past few years.
Your musical influences
Jim Croce, Ricky Skaggs, James Taylor, Alabama, Charlie Daniels Band, Lynard Skynard, and various other artist. I must also say that my friends, some of whom I will mention here, have had a great influence on my song writing style and playing style like Charles Partain, Arick Reeder, Terry Johnson, and Joey DeNeal to name a few.
What equipment do you use?
Takamine acoustic electric guitar, Yamaha keyboard, Fender Lead III electric guitar, Ampeg stereo amplifier, Boss pedal board, Shure mic's, MXL studio mic, Behringer vacuum type pre-amp, Alverez acoustic electric guitar, Fender acoustic electric guitar, Bently acoustic guitar, Electra Phoenix electric guitar, Hohner Strat style electric guitar with b-bender, N-Track Studio software.
Anything else?
I have been blessed with being a founding partner of a new Christian Country Band called "RISEN". You should be hearing something from us soon (05/09/2007).
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