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twenty seventh letter
twenty seventh letter
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Twenty Seventh Letter, 27th Letter, 27L, Rock, Windsor local band, Essex Ontario,
Twenty Seventh Letter: We are a band from Windsor, Ontario, composed of 5 members. Our simple goal is to have our music heard. Our sound cannot be categorized, except into the genre of rock. We offer music that can attract a mixed variety of listeners. We have been playing the Windsor bar scene for about a year now. We also have a demo cd that was recorded in June 2004.
Band/artist history
The band became complete with the addition of Brad Mailloux in late 2002. Devin Chedour and Andy Gravel began playing together in High School and added Eddy Gravel in on bass in 2001. Adam Gowanlock's voice was discovered the same year.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have played a number of shows in Windsor and Essex County. some bars we've played -Feelgood's, The Thirsty Schollar, Griff's Tavern, The Village Inn, Plush with Envy, and The Angry Spider. We love nothing more than playing our music live and infront of a crowd.
Your musical influences
The unique thing about our band is that everyone in the band has seperate musical influences. This creates a broad spectrum when we write songs. To name a few....Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Korn, Metallica, Steve Vai, Dave Matthews Band..
Anything else?
if you like what you hear....our band email address is 27L@canada.com. We welcome any comments or questions.
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