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JFIRE AZ 623, JFIRE ARIZONA, Phoenix , Arizona , Free Beats , 602 , 623 , Valley of the sun , Valley of the spun , Arizona producers
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Burn baby burn
JFIRE ARIZONA Formerly Known As WSRYDAH From kalistyle online rap crew The Battkekatz BKZ I am a inspiring artist/producer in the hip hop genre, Just waiting and wishing to make some real cash out of this. Before my dream was to get signed but with the help of the Internet I think that dream has modified somewhat, But I guess when it all comes down I dont give a shit bout the money its probally more like 30% money and 70% about the love and respect. I love HipHop, I love making Beats & freestyling I've stayed up hours on end for many nights in the lab (at home comp/studio) working on tracks, Often several days in a row including work nights. yeah I work, what did you think ? I aint stackin' that much $Cheese$, yet anyways . Who knows what the future and the Lord shall have in store for me. Only time will tell have far I shall or will go .But for those that have inspired, encouraged , befriended and motivated me on this quest in my life I thank you. And to my 3 children for always being there when daddy needs them, Although often they were shadowed by my music. I'm sorry for that. Daddy loves the music and I cant and wont live without it !!! WSRYDAH FS.mp3
Band/artist history
I'm from Phoenix, AZ. Just doing my thing you know? I have kid's I have to support and regardless of what happens with my music I will provide for my children. As far as a women in my life well the mother of my children, After 11 yrs. I guess it was enough for her. I just dont get how someone can just one day walk away and not even want to have a friendship in the end for the kid's sake. Oh well my children shall be my fire, my fuel, my motivation for all things I do or set forth to do in our lives. Band/WSRYDAH/J.Fire Highlights: Former Audio Forum Boss/Moderator on www.kalistyl INVALID .com - (a hip hop based web site for online rap battles, For both audio and text) 2004 Started rapping at the age of 14. May 2004, Got my computer and so began my journey into the online, coputer based music world of underground hip hop. Nov/Dec 2005, I produce my first track (Whatcha Do Baby ?) Reach as high as #2 in the charts.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Hopefully one day.
Your musical influences
DZK, Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Eminem, Dr.Dre, N.W.A, Snoop, Method Man, Redman, Mobb Deep, B.I.G, The Lox, DMX, Tupac, Bone Thugs, NoLimit Records, MA$E, Brand Nubian, Pharcyde, Geto Boys, D.R.S, Paperboy, Too$hort, Brotha Lynch, E-40 & The Click. Present: Drake,NF,,G-Eazy,Florida Georgia Line, DJ Khalid, Post Malone
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio 5 Producers Edition, Various VST's, Audacity (multi-track recording s/w). Some cheap headphones and a cheap microphone. All on a Compaq Presario w/ dial-up internet service. 2017-Present Using IOS Software , Soundtrap,BandLab, Guitarband, Plug In Headset W/Boom Mic to iPhone/iPad (Apple) Toshiba Satelite Laptop Samson Condenser Uno-directional Microphone via 2.0USB AUDACTY MULTI TRACK RECORDING SOFTWARE
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