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White River
Martinsville, IN  USA
September 30, 2004
995 plays
White River is not so much a band as it is a recording studio, owned by Brent and Susan Wall. Located near Martinsville, Indiana, White River Recording Studio offers a wide-range of services and deals, and has recorded everything from folk to rock to blues to rap, metal and contemporary Christian. The first full-length CD released from White River in 1998 was entitled "Collective Works," which featured six Indiana song-writers collaborating with over 30 difference musicians. Since then, several other CD compilations have ensued. The core for many White River recordings is (1) Brent Wall, who not only writes songs and sings but also plays a variety of guitars, bass, , mandolin, percussion and keyboards, and does all the engineering and mixing; (2) Larry Vesely, who also writes songs and sings, plays guitar, banjo and bass, but is mostly known for his talent and contributions at the keyboards; and (3) Joe Peters, who also writes, sings and plays guitars, bass and mandolin.
Band/artist history
Brent and Joe go back to meeting in a garage band in the summer of 1975, and then a band called Brain Damage when they were college roommates at Indiana University. We've been playing together as a duo on and off ever since. Larry joined the line-up as it were in the late 1990s, when he and Brent met at the Bloomington Hospital, where they both work as respiratory care practitioners. (Hold on to Your Day Job, you know).
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Brent, Joe, Larry and an assortment of other musicians record, and perform at various venues throughout Indiana. But, the three of us often play live at May Creek Farm near Bloomington, Indiana, for May Day and Summer Solstice celebrations. Along with Joel Bredeson, we recently played for the Regional Musician's Spotlight at the Indiana Fiddler's Gathering near Battleground, IN.
Your musical influences
Just about anyone who has ever made "good" music. And I think we are all influences on each other's music, which is really cool. We are into folk, rock, blues, and the odd eclectic thing.
What equipment do you use?
Brent's got a wonderfully equiped digital studio. We all use a diverse array of musical instruments and brands.
Anything else?
Just keep on loving everybody all the time! Oh, and, rock on...
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This song really rocks, love the lead guitar licks, really sets the mood and groove for the song, great lyrics, with really nice vocal harmonies. You guys have such a fresh sound, unique style, gonna have to add this to my station and make it back to hear more. Keep on keepin on! :) strummergurl
Sorry dude i dont really see the comparison to any of the Polar Music NZ stuff at all LOL cheers Richard
Just listening to your tracks now. And what tracks!! Excellent.
Brent, Larry...what do you think!?
Martinsville, IN  USA
September 30, 2004
995 plays