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Nothing Said
Nothing Said
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Nothing Said... A baptism of rock. A ground-shaking and life-changing audible experience that will pucker your lips for the big wet one that's coming right fo
Hi. Nothing Said is a fusion of past and modern music. We play a finger-snappin' combination of melodic and hard rock that just might tickle your fancy (or whatever you would rather have tickled).
Band/artist history
The band started up in Woodburn Oregon in mid 2001. Founding member, guitarist & vocalist Troy Brandt, had started a project with drummer Joshua Taylor the previous year and were seeking other musicians. A good friend from high school Jon Grossnickle made a random visit and ended up playing bass for the group. The name "Nothing Said" was settled on, and the band began to gig around locally. Joshua left the group in 2002 and issues between Jon & Troy almost broke the band up early on. Fortunately, things were sorted out (for the most part), & Jon moved into the role of Drummer. This was a blessing in disguise, drumming being Jon's forte. Troy then by chance ran across Rocky Savage, guitarist/vocalist in the later part of the year at a local electronics store, & found some great chemistry. Tim Grossnickle, Jon's younger brother, began filling in on bass, but sadly, compatibility issues among other obstacles, prevented the situation from flourishing. Shortly after posting a few Internet ads, bassist Dave Dartlon auditioned & became Nothing Said's bassist. Jon left again, and Dave with him. We took about a year sabbatical, then finally sought more musicians. Shortly thereafter we acquired Kedirc Nobles as a drummer and Jason Evans as our bassist and we've never sounded better! The band is presently writing all kinds of new material, & recording our first studio single "Peace in Our Time" which should be done by mid next month.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live quite a bit. We've done shows at the Roseland, Hawthorne, ICM, DV8, Paris, Solid State, and we've done a few events like, Guitar Center's 30th anniversary and some parties for local establishments. We love to play live. Special moments... Um, I'll keep those to myself.
Your musical influences
We have lots of influances. Good influances like Smashing Pumpkins, Sound Garden, STP, and Zeppelin. We also have some bad influances like whiskey and naked women.
What equipment do you use?
Well we use amps to make our guitars loud. Mics so you can hear us over our guitars. Speaking of guitars, I have a couple and so do my other band mates. Our drummer uses sticks to bang on his drums because it sounds a lot better that way. Other than that, it's just knick knacks. Mesa Boogie, Peavy, Yamaha, Music Man, Schecter, Gibson, Audix... and more.
Anything else?
Check out the website... nothingsaid.com
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