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Spark aka SparkDawg
Spark aka SparkDawg
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Rap, Hip-Hop, Dirty South, Texas, Crunk
This ya boy $park aka $parkdawg aka Da Lone Star Kid! Formally a member of Lil Scrappy's "G'$ Up Click." Now I'm back home in the Great State Of Texas ready to put it down for da city of Killeen. (aka Kill-Town) Now dat I clicked up with "Green City," we finna show yall dat we da thowedest youngins comin out da SOUF!
Band/artist history
Ima just keep it as Gangsta as possible & straight to the point. Im 22yrs old, born & raised in Texas, my mother was arrested for selling crack, and my father probably still slangs. 2 yrs ago, I dropped outta college, packed up everything I had, and caught the next bus to Atlanta GA in pursuit of a record deal. I hit the underground scence hard by opening up for anyone whod let me. Eventually, I ended up opening for Lil Scrappy, Trillville, & Pastor Troy at a show in Rome, GA. Scrappy & Trillville had just signed with Lil Jons indie label, BME but they didnt have the deal with Warner Bros. at the time. After the show, Lil Scrappys manger asked me if I had a manager. I said, No. And at that time, he told me that he was managing Scrappy and he wouldnt mind managing me as well. I agreed. As time went on, I was inducted into The G$ Up Click, a group of rappers Lil Scrappy had put together.Sorta like 50s G-Unit & Ludacris DTP Click. At first, things were going good. Scrappy & I had recorded numerous underground mixtape joints together. But after a while, things started to turn sour. I realized that after Scrappy secured distribution through Warner Bros, our manager started to slack off & not pay attention to any of his other acts, including myself. The final straw came when Crime Mob, a group my manger signed before me, had also landed a distribution deal with BME/Warner Bros. Needless to say, my manger & I decided to part ways so now Im back in Texas at square one on da grind w/Green City & ready to show the world why Im about to take over the game.Ive been through the struggle. Now its time to eat.....TRUE STORY
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I stay doin shows! To me, dats like da best part of rappin...Step on stage & do a show, den leave witta hoe!
Your musical influences
I dont really have alotta influences but there are alotta artist I respect like: Ludacris, Lil Flip, Chamillionaire, Fabolous, Slim Thug, Jay-Z, Cam'Ron & da whole Dip-Set, & of coarse TUPAC (no. 1 all-time)
Anything else?
Yall be on da look out ya boy $park & da rest of da Green City Click & my nigga Yung Texx (K-Town reppa) holdin it down in ATL!!! Shout out to my homie Paul Wall from SwishaHouse, Pimp C (hold ya head up), my Troubleshootaz family, my peoples from DFW Muzik, what up to my nigga (da King of da "O") WesFif!!! My 2 supa-producers CANO & Rodney Usher, DJ Silver, my cousin Armando aka "Panama" & da Young Execs, Tito aka Paradyce at The Blessin' Studio, C.$tone & da Doe Boy Click, Young B of GFC Records, & ery'body else dats feelin da kid! "Marlboro be da hood & K-Town be da place!" and a special shout-out to Sqad-Up (cuz I feel yall pain)
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