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Mavado Roaster
Mavado Roaster, I'm just a product of my environment and past. I'm just telling it from my point of you. I've been places seen things etc....
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chill bill freestyle (Rob $tone) free download
HAIL MARY (the practice version) FLAMES! (2pac)
what up y'all this is a lil practice run before I get my mic in.this thing still go crazy hard talking about that real sh** ! like these crooked cops and politicians that got us locked in prison.. gotta make three calls today but only got ten minutes
They Not Fucking W Me
They not F*** ing w Me 2016 Gooney Tunes From Da Gutta ..Gangsta Reality Rap
Paid The Cost Feat P Rock
This is the REALIST sh** out right now. If you a real Hustla you could deff relate to this one! This is a perfect depiction of whats going on in the hood right now! F*** all that bubble gum commercial trash w n*** s running around fraudin!
Underground Gangsta Rap ..Ya Dig??? Are you tired of these wack ass underground rappers?? introducing one of the hottest underground Philly rappers (out of southwest philly) Bringing back that original gangsta rap shit that speak about real life type situation ya dig!! Mavado Roaster, Here To service your entertainment needs with a many mp3's available for download including many Soundclick Top 100 Hip Hop songs including "Problem Solver" Fuck All You Nigga's" "Gotta Handle Bizness" and any more Please visit my Online Mp3 store and purchase one of my mp3's with over 91 gangsta ass mp3's i'm sure you'll find one that you like
Band/artist history
I started at age 11, writtin little ryhmes on pieces of paper, it wasn't to long after that I decided I like writtin ryhmes and not too long after that. that I decided I wan't to pursue this as a career. Over the years I've advanced from recording whit 2 tape cassets in my boom box and a cheap radio shack mic, to karaoke machines,to analog multitrack's(4-tracks), to digital 8,16,24 tracks, etc.. to computer based recording programs like home studio. I've came along way and I'll be damned if I let anything or anyone stop me now. I'm taking my destiny into my own hands. I couldn't tell you how many hours upon hours I've did research on the internet on this music business. and hard I work to get my music to the people. but any way I'm here to stay so don't think twice about trying to stop me and my organization cuz we too strong and we gettin stronger and smarter as time passes by. it use to be me and my squad up on 54th and woodland ave, philadelphia pa, all day every day standin in circles spittin our raps, battlin blowin L's,
Have you performed in front of an audience?
F.E.RECORDS, will soon be touring the east coast to book a gig contact me at mavadoroaster@yahoo.com keepin it underground and gangsta at a club/venue near you soon
Your musical influences
My influences is PAC, big, the lox, beans, cassidy, hov, it's alot of different influences or anybody that comes from the heart I'm influenced by real music that comes from the heart and not that commercialized shit. Some People Tellin me Gangsta rap aint doin it and those the same nigga's who throw on some old kiss or old pac or whoever and can't get enough I think the industry is mis leading alot of our artist into thinking that they have to do that club shit to be accepted in the music world. but with my experience so far on the Underground Gangsta Rap scene I've discovered alot of people does like and would buy my type of music. I'm a strong believer that everyone has an audience you just have to reach it. for instance I run around selling my cd's on the streets and I come accross all diff types of people, some Love it and tell me to keep the change and the shits hott some people are afraid to give it a chance (because of the damage these wack mofo's create) and others think it's garbage they don't hear the meaning in it. and I think thats the reason nigga's is gettin killed is because they don't wanna listen to what the ghetto youth has to say. but anyway my point is every one has a fan base so to all my fellow Underground Gangsta Rap artist keep grindin we in a position of power take advantage while you can!
What equipment do you use?
fruity loops to make my beats, homestudio, etc..
Anything else?
Always Remember If you are looking for original, real, Hip Underground Gangsta rap And Hip Hop Mp3's WOODLAND AVE MOB MOTHAFUCKA'S YOUR ULTIMATE SOURCE FOR THAT SOUTH WEST PHILLY GANGSTA SHIT YA DIGG BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE LINKS PAGE TO FIND OUT WHAT ELSE F.E. HAS TO OFFER MAVADO ROASTER IS ALWAYS TAKING CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISISM (LONG AS YOU AINT TRYIN TO BE A D*CK HEAD) VISIT MY MESSAGE BOARD LEAVE ME A MESSAGE also alot of older listeners critisize me for the way I rap too much cursing too much this too much that. well here's what I have to say about that. I dont like to butter everything up and make it seem like things aren't the way they are . because where I come from this is the way it is. and I know cursing and guns and violence might offend you, but this is the reality I, young kids and adults face everyday growing up in the various ghetto's and city's around america. I guess you can call it reality music. it gives you insight on the minds of the felons, the drug dealer (as u call them), the criminal, the thug, the whatever you call us. and don't blame me for the way it is, blame the crooked ass government. I don't know what your world looks like, it must be nice, but the reality we face in the hood is murders daily, drugs every where, police brutality, homelessness, un employed, so on and so fourth it's sad but true. another point: you ever notice how when the countries at war the media tends to butter things up and make it seem like it really isn't all that bad. and this is the reason we remain in war for so long because people dont know the true nature of war. and if they did they would want it to stop. just as you wish me to stop now that you've got a taste of the reality my people live in. and if I butter the shit up you wouldn't know how it truly is now would ya? sorry if you can't take reality the dont listen this isn't for the weak at heart. I know I know reality is harsh but it's reality. while you people sit in your homes and think what awful language, or what violence, drugs this that, just know that that exist where I am from it is not a made up fantasy world like some of us live in. thats all
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