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Cinematic Rock One great kaleidoscopic orgy of sound. -Neal Moogk-Soulis, Imprint
5th PROJEKT - 'Hurricane
Amidst the outer reaches of Toronto's endless sprawl, hugging the shores of a breezy Lake Ontario, a cozy rehearsal room hums, warmly illuminated by standby switches, candles and ambient light. Raveled around by patch cables, the warm tones of vintage guitar amps, old echo pedals and pinot noir, you will find 5th PROJEKT, weaving their atmospheric, psychedelic art-rock and making preparations for what will be their fifth release, aptly titled V. Shaped by a world in the throes of qualitative change, 'V' is a reflection upon the raw energy present in and around our daily lives and how we use that energy to shape our beings, societies and environments. Taking on themes of equality, freedom, and revolution, the album blends influences of post rock, psychedelia, math rock and grunge, while retaining 5th PROJEKT's signature ambient, ethereal quality. Recording of the album coincidentally commenced on the anniversary of John Lennon's birth and ended on the anniversary of his death, October-December 2010. Recorded at Chemical Sound by Dean Marino & Jay Sadlowski (Black Keys, Utopium, Tokyo Police Club), produced by Tara Rice & Sködt McNalty, Mixed by Dean Marino, and Mastered by Noah Mintz (Broken Social Scene, The Dears, Emm Gryner) at Lacquer Channel, Toronto. 'V', 5th PROJEKT's second full length album, was released August 9th, 2011 on the band's own Organik Rekords. The album was supported by an initial tour of central to eastern Canada covering Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward island, and Nova Scotia. 5th PROJEKT was selected amongst the first 100 bands to showcase at Canadian Music Week in March 2012.
Band/artist history
Formed in 2003. Formed Organik Rekords in 2004 to release first EP. Primary songwriters and composers are Tara Rice (vocals, guitar) and Skodt McNalty (guitar, atmosphere). Discography V - LP (2011 - Organik Rekords OR 5.05) CiRCADiAN - LP (2006 - Organik Rekords OR 004) the Tales of Don Quixote - X-EP (2005 - Organik Rekords OR 003) DEMOn002 - EP (2004 - Organik Rekords OR 002) DEMOn001 - EP (2004 - Organik Rekords OR 001) Soundtracks & Compilations: Music from the film Good People, Bad Things (2008 - Opine Entertainment) HOPE Volume One (2007 - Visionary Concepts VC001) Purchase 5th PROJEKT albums and merchandise online at http://5thprojekt.com/shoppe http://5thprojekt.bandcamp.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we perform in person which usually occurs on a stage of some sort. We really enjoyed playing in a castle!
Your musical influences
Everything under the sun & moon. Earth, air, water and fire. The cosmos.
What equipment do you use?
Our own. Until we start receiving sponsorships, you'll have to see us live to see what we play.
Anything else?
Download a free 3 song preView of our new album "V" here: http://5thprojekt.com/music
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