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KiLLa KLep
KiLLa KLep
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A Mixture of Death and Hate
what up all who are reading this. first off i want to say thanks for takin' the time to check out my shit. my name is KiLLa KLep, i live in a little town in the Imperial Valley. i'm not in a band, i rap and i do all my shit solo. beats, lyrics, recording, you name it, i do it. my style could be compared to something people call horrorcore but i'm not really into labels so i prefer not to be labeled. i try to write what i feel, if i'm angry, i'll write some wicked shit.. most of my songs that i have written have been dark but there are some that aren't that wicked. hope ya like my shit, hit a killa up!! KLep
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i've only did one show. it was an all Punk show and i happened to be the only rapper on the list of 10 punk bands. of course everyone hated me, there are a lot of close-minded people where i live. i didn't get booed off-stage though cuz i told everyone in the crowd what i thought of them.
Your musical influences
too many to name, mostly everyone from PSY, to Strange Music, from Psycho+Logical to Uncle Howie. and some old school gangster rap like NWA, Too $hort, Bone Thugs, Westside Connection, 2 Live Crew, Oakland Luniz to name a few