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Gaston Iungman
Gaston Iungman
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All I couldnt say with words.mp3
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ligera inmortalidad 1 ( fleeting immortality 1 )
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ligera inmortalidad 3 ( fleeting immortality 3 )
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Rhytmical Madness DUCHAMP PILOT
Composer and producer
Band/artist history
Gaston started to play the guitar at the age of 13 and later became inspired to experiment with programming, synthesizer and sound production. At 17 he studied harmony and guitar at the Higher Institute of Music in Argentina specialising in classical and electric guitar. Between 1989 and 1997 he played a prominent role composing and playing guitar and keys in several bands, most notably Organica, one of the first bands in South America to combine rock with electronic music. In 1998, Gaston became the Music Director, Producer and Composer of the Aerial Theater Company Puja. The success of Puja resulted in more than 500 performances on many different stages of the world across five continents. among others: the opening night of the Goteborg Paralympics games, Trafalgar Square London, Singapore Art Fest... sharing the stage with artists such as Placebo, Faith no More, Philharmonic of Sweden, Cheb khaled... In 2008 he founded the band Beautiful Taste , performing on stages as Pukkelpop and Canadian Music Week and different stages in New York City. www.grupopuja.com Voala was born in 2008; collaboration with installation artist and choreographer Roberto Strada. 2010 Voala produced MUARE for the openning night 20th Fira Tarrega Catalunya. MUARE broke up the rules of the outdoors shows, according the international press and public its " one of the biggest show ever ", " a psychedelic ceremony where do not need drugs to hallucinate" . at the end 2010 the show became complete when Gaston created the band Duchamp Pilot. since then DUCHAMP PILOT AND MUARE EXPERIENCE are touring around the world wide. check dates in the website: www.voala.info www.duchamppilot.com
What equipment do you use?
music man- zvex-fender- fractal lynx-tl audio- jcm2000- motu mac
Anything else?
discography : 1995-El Encuentro 1999-Organica 1999-Celebracion en alturas 2000-Puja! The Music 2002-K@osmos 2005-Esthesia 2008-Voala 2009-Out of cornea ( www.thebeautifultaste.com ) 2009-Dodoland 2010-Muare 2011-Duchamp Pilot ( www.duchamppilot.com )
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