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404 Not Found
Buffalo, NY  USA
September 23, 2004
830 plays
404 used to be a live-PA act from Buffalo, NY with a revolving crew. Mainly, it was myself (Scott) and occasionally I brought in a few friends for actual gigging. I continue to create music under the pseudonym . The last 404 songs were written and recorded in 1998.
Band/artist history
404 was "formed" in 1998 when I decided to stray from writing industrial music in diviSionbY0 and focus on performing live-PA in the Buffalo and Toronto rave scenes. I've only performed at a few such gigs and didn't attract much attention, but it was quite cathartic. Nothing new has been created as 404 since 1998; but, I wanted to make the 2 tracks from the "Not Found" demo available on the web.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
404 no longer creates or performs as 404. Check out the page on SoundClick to see what's being done currently.
What equipment do you use?
At the time, my gear consisted of a Roland Alpha-Juno 1, a Korg Poly-800 and NS5R, Emu ESI-32, Yamaha CS1x and FB01, Alesis MMT-8, Digitech DSP-128+ and a newly acquired Roland TB-303 synced to a Korg KMS-30 box. This was all run through a 2-space Peavey line mixer and recorded via a Tascam cassette multitrack in one live pass per song. When Josh would gig, there would be an Akai S1000 and Roland MC-303 thrown into the mix. If Matt was gigging with, we'd have an additional TB-303, an MC-202, a Korg EA-1 and ER-1 and a Roland JP-8000.
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Buffalo, NY  USA
September 23, 2004
830 plays