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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
September 21, 2004
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Promusico is a name i've choosed to my band.We use real world sound(field recordings )and eletronic resources.The material used in compositions are mainly collected in Brazil.In our case we undertake lot of research on brazilian cultural resources blending all colected material with technology and music.I have a great support from various outstanding musicians and producers in Brazil.This page includes some of my own compositions and work of production and arranging for other artist.I'm presenting here Classical themes,New Age,World music,eletronic,instrumentals,Vocal works etc.I really hope that you enjoy it. Please ,if you feel like,leave your comments in the message board,they will surely help me to improve my work.
Band/artist history
Promúsico is a name i've choosed to myself ,having sometimes the help of some extraordinary musician friends and partners.Composing is one of the activities I like most.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Im Musician /Producer and perform in Rio de Janeiro(Live music and recordings)I love composition and new challenges.I think music should have a commitment with stetics and ethics.I'm convinced that the true artist must not be corrupted by reality.
Your musical influences
I love classic ,eletronic and jazz music.Also I'm a fanatic fan of the music of my country Brazil.Influences from a lot of music i hear and learn everyday,I can also mention Villa Lobos Schriabin,Fauré,Hindmith,Charles Yves,Michel Legran,Keith Jarret,John Coltrane,Antonio Carlos Jobim ,among some others.
What equipment do you use?
Sonar,Reason, Virtual Synths and a Pentium4 1800 with an Yamaha Keyboard, and a lot of live field recordings.
Anything else?
I really thank you much fo this chance to enable my music to reach people.
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