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CRUNKKILLA (Lil Jon Diss) Crunkkilla.com
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Talkin' Down (Mike Jones feat. Flyboy)
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When people hear "Oklahoma" they don't usually associate it with Music, actually the dont EVER associate it with it. Until now. THIS CAT IS THE REAL DEAL! Flyboy is originally from Chi-Town (Chicago) but circumstance transported him way to the middle of nowhere,Oklahoma... But if music is in your blood it will come out wherever you are. Which is exactly what happened in this case. Flyboy paid his dues in a market where opportunities were few and far between. But when he would get a chance to shine,SHINE he would. Talent shows, opening gigs, mixtapes...he did it all. After 5 years of grinding (94-99) Flyboy realized no matter how hot he was in Oklahoma, he could get no further unless he left. His first destination was none other "HOTLANTA". When he first arrived on the scene it was a shock to him that you would see celebrities on the regular, or be in the presence of everyone who was anyone in Southern hip-hop. He got himself involved in the underground as well. Participating in Statewide battles such as the prestigious "BREAKLANTA" hip hop battle(breaklanta.com). In his first year of that particular event he placed third, a controversial third at that, against Rap Battle vets from Atlanta, New York, D.C.,etc.. He was repping OKLAHOMA!!! That's funny huh? You all don't think its funny in college football,do you? Well we like championship caliber music too.. Thats what Flyboy's got... Which is why eventually after being in Atlanta for awhile and learning the scene,in 2003 he found his music stolen by none other than... Yep Him! who you say? Click the song CRUNKILLA for the answer...go to CRUNKKILLA.com & Log on and recieve a Free Mix CD or call 1(800)369-2337 ext#0320 to get hooked up with "the next big thing!!"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Flyboy loves to perform wherever he has Fans! A Special moment was when Flyboy worked at 98.1 FM (Oklahoma hip hop staion)and was hosting a concert..he garnered more applause for hosting than the actual artist Headlining! Needless to say his popularity was at an alltime high..that night was his last as a radio air personality, he had caught the hip hop fever,it was time!
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