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Beekeepers Society
Beekeepers Society
4 Tracks
Indie rock, experimental, space pop, alternative
The Beekeepers Society are: Darcy McMann- Vocals David Mueses- Guitar Fred Yurichuck- Bass Josie M- Keyboard TR7- Drums
Band/artist history
Beekeepers Society have a scholarship to exclusive Studios, despite the fact that they really arn't as smart as their demeanour would suggest. They relentlessly talk themselves up, form and join shows and seem to impress as many people as they annoy all with a very thin veil of lies to support it. When they fell in love with a music teacher (Curtis Anderson) things appeared wonderful but it was not long before they have messed things up. Their frustrated friend (Hollie Stevenett) tried to help but only succeeded in making things much, much worse and Darcy risked losing everything that was important to him. The band members are impressive and work well with each other. Fred has much more meat in his bass role than he did with Marble Attic and he does very good work with it throughout while also managing to carry off his deadpan delivery as well as usual. Darcy is spot on with his vocals that we are never able to truly like but have to get behind at the same time he pitches it just right and shows a great understanding of his vocal Melodies. Josie is beautiful and vulnerable and works well in her role on keyboard while support is good from Dave on electric. Special mention to TR7 for being the sweetest redemption I've seen in many a band and pulls off the geeky but wonderful toy of many of our dreams. Overall this is a good band but not one that will appeal to the majority of listeners or be the one to win over those that just don't like indie or experimental music. The songs and members are interesting throughout and the music succeeds because it manages to mix emotional content with darkly quirky humour rather than doing one at the expense of the other. An enjoyable band and probably my favourite thus far. -anonymous
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We will be playing our first shows live very soon in and around Brampton and the Toronto area. Stay tuned.
Your musical influences
Any and all rock and roll. Great names which include: The Beatles, Smashing Pumpkins, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Oasis, Simon and Garfunkel, Pavement....the list can literally go on and on and on...
What equipment do you use?
Top Secret, our sound is constantly changing from song to song. A lot of different instuments are used.
Anything else?
Special thanks for everyones support!
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