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Bubba Love
Bubba Love
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The computer is the acoustic guitar of the 21st century, and Bubba Love is making Personal Technopop for thoughtful funseekers.
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Bubba Love is an allegedly mature professional and family man living in Maine, who uses a computer to make music since computers are (almost) always available, play what he tells them to, and don't have personal problems (e.g. girlfriends, drugs) like bandmates do. Bubba draws on numerous influences in his decades of music experience, including punk, new wave, alternative, electronica, and prog-rock, although it always seems to come out pop in the end. He believes that a computer can be just as personal an instrument as an acoustic guitar, but it's a lot more fun and versatile. He is trying to make pertinent technopop that is entertaining but smart, with lyrics that have some relevance to his own age group, instead of retreading adolescent subject matter. However he can't stand wimpy, mopey grown-up music about supposedly mature themes--to quote Bubba himself, "'Cat's in the Cradle' my ass! I used to be in The Hates, dammit!!"
Band/artist history
Bubba Love is known in more wordly circles as Paul Minot, a former bassist/vocalist/songwriter for various bands in Texas including Dancing Bear, The Hates, and Chemistry Set.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not anymore--as a musician I have only a virtual existence, for the time being. I enjoy playing live with bands, but it is difficult to do so while raising a family.
Your musical influences
Kraftwerk, Beck, Spirit's "12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus", Air, Devo, early Eno, British psychedelia, and other classic rock and pop.
What equipment do you use?
Cubase SX on Windows, with numerous VSTi's (B4, Lounge Lizard, Pentagon 2, Pro-53, Model-E, dr-008, ComboSister, M-Tron, soundfonts, many others), and various effects including Vintage Warmer and some Waves plugs. I use Joemeek JM-47 and AT4040 mics run through a Presonus MP-20 preamp, and Audiophile 2496 soundcard.
Anything else?
Age should not be an impediment to the joy of creativity.