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BlueNevada plays original rock music flavored with blues, funk, folk, grunge, jazz and psychedelia. This jamband loves to play live and is fronted by two brothe
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Blue Nevada at work on new album Psychedelic jam rock innovators Blue Nevada have released two new acoustic songs. The 45 style release is called "Acoustic I", and features the new single "Want you Want". This unplugged recording can only be purchased at bluenevada.com! Immediately following that release the band announced they will put out a new, full band, EP. The as-yet-unnamed album is slated to be released this Fall 2011. Blue Nevada is culling the cream of the crop from its musical canon to lay down in the studio and then fire into the psyche of fans everywhere. My brother Shannon and I are always writing music, confesses Dusty Corbin. There is already enough material for seven albums and we always have some more in the works. We will probably never have enough time, in one lifetime, to record and release every song we write.? This hard-working band has again and again proven its musical devotion with stellar performances on stage, not to mention the popular debut album whose follow-up is right around the corner. Blue Nevada has played The American Roots Music Festival, where headliners included the likes of The Jerry Garcia Band with Melvin Seals and New Ryders of the Purple Sage. The Local Licks radio show on WAFY 103.1 FM gave Blue Nevada radio exposure and the shows host included the bands song Rhythm Boy in a Best Of New Years program. Following the release of the groups new EP, Blue Nevada intends to commence a mid-Atlantic region tour and expand outward from that core. The band has found much success as a DIY indie act but is aiming to take it to the next level. Blue Nevada is currently working with the firm A & R Select, the worlds leading independent artist development firm, based out of Los Angeles, CA. Wherever they go, these musicians hope to spread the fun and good vibes that lie at the center of the bands sound. We write songs about girls, good times, bad times, anything that creates a passionate emotion comes out in the poetry and music. And, the band notes, these artists don't shy away from social, spiritual and political issues now and then. More information is available by visiting www.bluenevada.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we play live and we love it. We play the mid-Atlantic states and New England so far, but we don't plan on stopping there!. We are kind of a jamband, so a 4 minute song on the album might be 7 minutes at a show with some crazy guitar lead in the middle like fudge layer cake. Mmmm
Your musical influences
We all like a lot of different music, from the psychedelic 60s to the Chili Peppers and from rap to classical, folk to grunge. As long as its good, we shall eat the fruit of many trees.
What equipment do you use?
I have a Fender Strat my brother Shannon has a Gibson SG, we both use Fender amps with tube overdrive. The drummer has a really cool retro looking Pearl set. Of course we can't forget the Cry Baby Wah-Wah Petals that we all have. And well a bunch of other stuff too.
Anything else?
BLUENEVADA Ingredients: Blues #3, Enriched Funk Flour, Folkoflavin, Sodium Jamoutginate, Yellow Jazz #6, Honey Grunge, Modified Psychedelic Starch and High Fructose Rock-n-Roll Syrup.
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