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Top Quark
Top Quark
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Whatever I feel like making at the time...I wish I could find other creative musicians in my area to colaborrate with and both Male and Female vocals that harmo
The beginings of Top Quark 1993-1996
I write whatever comes to mind, be it a country tune, or a heavy metal tune. Perhaps smooth jazz?...I love all music..I dont care...music in my eye/ears is something far more powerfull than most people give it credit. Musicians are like little children playing with a loaded gun, we play around with and arrange frequencies not knowing their true power. Why are there hardly any musicians in the Northern Colorado area?...I originally came form Southern California (Anaheim/Yorba Linda) and it was so easy to find like minded musicians ..here in Coloraodo?..Good luck... I am always looking for input on my stuff and im always willing to work on other peoples stuff too... Email me Synapticfreakazoid@yahoo.com, My name is steve.
Band/artist history
I am an independant recording artist...I have published recordings on X-Box, Playstation, PC, and Gamecube games such as: Goblin Commander: Unleash The Horde, Pulse Racer, and Trailer Park Tycoon(PC)..but this was NOTunder the name Top Quark...this was a Work For Hire for VR1/Jaleco Entertainment. Other games I have worked on makeing Voice overs and sound effects are Nightcaster, Nightcaster II: Quinox, World Championship Pool 2004, and, Fighter Ace.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I am a recording artist that creates whatever I feel like, I don't adhear to any one specific style other than the fact i like all my music and recordings to sound as if they have super high production polish. I Do not like sloppy and low budget sounding recordings (Although I am guilty of them from time to time), I write music however I feel and by whatever equipment is available at the time. So far I do everything line level in my studio, no live gigs yet. I love the sound of precision. Unless its just a scratch track, I will sit and record a part over and over and over until is sounds mechanically perfect. I want my music to sound like a machine.
Your musical influences
Rush, Rammstein, Saga, Steve Stevens, Joe Satriani, Steps Ahead, Return To Forever, KingsX, Mike Oldfield, Marillion, Depeche Mode, Dream Theater, Bill Bruford, Allan Holdworth, Queensryche....and many more.
What equipment do you use?
Hardware: MOTU 896 firewire on a Dell 2.8 Ghz Machine running XP Pro, MOTU MTP/AV MIDI timepeice, Korg Trinity, Roland JV-880,Yamaha 01v. HHB PDR1000 Portable DAT recorder, Lots of rackmounted outboard effects. Software: Sony Acid Pro 5, Sound Forge 7, Vegas 5, CD Architect 5, Cakewalk Sonar 4 Producer, and a list of DX and VST plugins WAY too long to list here. (2011 update: Getting ready to scrap it all and buy all new equipment )
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