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New Funk Revolution Productions
New Funk Revolution Productions
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International freedom of music production label and musicians community, featruing member's music. Everyone's invited, not just funk artists!
Welcome to the New Funk Revolution! We are a musicians community consisting of many international artists who believe in sharing our original music FREELY. We are also a cooperative production label designed to promote and produce our artist in one communal harmony. Even though our title says "funk", we welcome artists of all music genres to participate, and we welcome non-musicians to participate as well.
Band/artist history
The New Funk Revolution has evolved from, and side by side with, the New Funk Order. The New Funk Order's message and cause is the same as ours, with the NFR being a production based label. There should be multiple armies in the quest for artistic freedom.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Some of our aritsts play live, some are online and studio musicians only.
Your musical influences
Music influences are from all genres of music, particularly Prince and P-Funk.
What equipment do you use?
Ask the artists!
Anything else?
Visit our website at http://www.newfunk.us, and visit our sister site in the cause at http://www.newfunkorder.com.